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Which Shower Is Best For You?

Buying a new shower can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start. You may be looking for a shower as part of a bathroom or home refurbishment, or you may need a new shower as your current one has broken in which case you need to find a suitable replacement.

There are many different types of shower available, so it can be tricky to know which is the right shower for you. Showers can vary depending on which type of water system is used, the power type used, as well as the design and appearance.

The most important thing to note is that there are two main types of shower available: Electric and Mixer. The type that you choose may depend on the plumbing available in your bathroom so check what shower you currently have, and also speak to your plumber to get their advice on your options.

Electric Showers

An electric shower uses cold water which is passed through a heating element and then supplies hot water at your desired temperature. Electric showers usually come in three power types 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW. The strength of shower you go for will depend on the power cables you have currently (higher wattage requires larger cables). The higher the wattage, the faster the shower is able to heat the water meaning that the flow rate will be stronger on a higher wattage shower. However, it’s also important to bear in mind that as the temperature is increased, the water flow becomes slower. This is because the water must pass over the heating element for a longer period of time, which ultimately slows down the flow rate. 

Electric showers are generally an economical and eco-friendly choice, as they only heat the water that is required, so this makes them appealing to many people. They are a fantastic choice for families as they provide hot water instantly, day or night.

Our Electric Showers

Our popular cse range of electric showers is currently on offer (May/June 2012). These satin chrome showers give a contemporary twist to the traditional electric shower design.

Choose from the following showers:

  • 8.5 cse – our most economical shower in the range;
  • 10.5 cse – our most powerful in the range;
  • 9.5 cse – for a middle of the range choice.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers use water from both your hot and cold water supplies. They combine the two and blend them to reach your desired temperature. You control the flow and temperature with a dial or handle. Although mixer showers are usually the simplest type of shower to use they do require a good supply of hot and cold water, so may not be the best option for larger families. The type of water system in your home (low-pressure/gravity fed, combi boiler or high-pressure) can play an important factor is deciding which model you choose.

Many people prefer mixer showers over electrics as the shower valve which is mounted on the wall is often smaller and neater than an electric shower box. There are also options to have concealed mixer showers, where the shower valve and pipe work is concealed in the wall to give a neater and more stylish finish. Concealed mixer showers need to be mounted on a wall which has a cavity or space behind, such as an airing cupboard.

Our Mixer Showers

The Ambassador mixer shower is one of our best-selling models, and we have options for low-pressure, combi boiler or high pressure household water systems. Take a look at our range of mixer showers.


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Crazy Bathroom Accessories

We see a lot of strange bathroom related products on our travels through the world wide web. Seeing as it’s a lovely, sunny, Friday, we’d like to share some of the more wacky ones with you today….

moss mat

This moss bathroom mat is apparently designed to ‘connect you to nature’ – with the combination of the running water of the shower and the feel of soft moss underfoot. As you step out of the shower, the soft mat is supposed to be the ideal massage of the acupuncture points situated on the sole of the foot. The moss actually grows over time, the humidity from the bathroom providing the perfect conditions for it, and will stay green for several months.  The mat costs around €80.00 and is available from HoO design.

Here is another weird, and, if we’re honest, slightly disgusting product, a Nose Gel dispenser:

Nose Gel Dispenser

It’s meant as a joke addition to the bathroom to make shower-time fun for children and adults with a, slightly childish, sense of humour!

This one has quite a useful purpose:

Shower notepad

So when those moments of inspiration come to you in the shower, you’ll have somewhere to write them!

Finally, this last product is rather cool:

iPod toilet roll

For anyone who can’t live without their iPod or iPhone, you’re now able to take to the bathroom with you. You can now sing along to your favourite songs in the shower – you can even create a special playlist!

The last 3 product images are courtesy of

Happy Friday!

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Would You Buy A Shower Online?

Choosing the best shower for your home is an important choice to make, and one that shouldn’t be rushed. By selecting the most suitable shower, it can save you money as well as possibly make your home more eco friendly. It is estimated that taking a five minute shower can save up to fifty litres compared to taking a bath.

At Gainsborough Showers, it’s possible to buy any of our products on our website, whether you need a complete shower or a spare part. We think buying online is a great way to buy a shower, so we’ve compiled the main benefits for you here:

Buying a shower online is convenient
You can browse and buy in your own home, at a time that’s convenient to you, even in your pyjamas if you want to! There’s no rush to buy, you can take your time, and the website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, if at 2am you wake up to realise you forgot to buy that replacement shower, you can get it quickly online, no problem.

Online purchases are usually cheaper
Buying products online tends to be cheaper, as the associated costs are lower. There is no shopfront display to manage, and no rent to pay on an expensive high street. That means that we can we pass on our lower costs to our customers.

You can do research in your own time
When you buy online, you can spend your time researching to make sure you but the best product for you. Search engines like Google make it easy for us to find exactly what we’re looking for. Plus, there’s no rush to get round a lot of showrooms, you can visit them all in one afternoon without even moving from the sofa. And after you’ve found the right shower and ordered it, you can reward yourself with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

You Can Make Informed Choices
Websites usually contain a lot of information, and all that information is available to you to look at for as long as you like. When buying a shower or a spare part, you will have access to photos and technical information – in fact everything you need in order to make a purchase. You’re able to print the details, email them to a partner or friend, and compare different showers to pick the best one. If you’re not sure about water systems or other technical queries, there are many websites out there with information to help, as well as forums where you can post questions and get answers.

Free Delivery
Many websites offer free delivery to encourage online sales. For example, we offer free next working day delivery to UK mainland customers. 

Replacing a shower is easy online
If you need to replace an old shower, we list all of our old models on our website, and suggest which new models are suitable for replacements – easy!

So there you have it. Buying a shower online is quick, hassle free, usually cheaper, and there’ll be no pushy sales people! What do you think, would you buy a shower online?

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Wonder Dog Saves Owner Who Slips In The Shower

I read a lovely story this week about a Yorkshire Terrier, named Louis, who saved his owner after she collapsed in the shower.

Little Louis (look at him below, cute!) was trained by his owner, Victoria Shaw, to call for assistance in emergencies. Mrs Shaw is registered disabled and carries a panic alarm with her. She trained Louis to press the button, but it had always been a game. This time, Louis had to act for real.

Louis the Wonder Dog

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

When Mrs Shaw came out of her shower, she tripped on a rug, fell and hit her head. When she came to, Louis was right by her side and she could hear the voice of Telecare operative Sarah McLoughlin. Sarah called an ambulance and stayed on the line to reassure Mrs Shaw. Sarah asked who raised the alarm and they realised it must’ve been Louis. What a clever little dog! Luckily she was only left with a headache and dizziness, nothing too serious.

And to continue the dog/shower/water theme for today, here are some wonderful photos of dogs swimming underwater from amazing photographer Seth Casteel (you may have seen some of these online already, they’ve been a huge success).

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs 3

Underwater Dogs 4

Underwater Dogs 5

Underwater Dogs 6All photos courtesy of Seth Casteel

Happy Friday everyone!

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What is the best shower for gravity fed systems?

Do you have a gravity fed water system? If you do, you’re not alone – most homes in the UK have this kind of low-pressure water system. 

The system usually consists of a cold water tank which is stored in the loft. A hot water cylinder is stored below, usually located in the airing cupboard. Traditionally, homes with gravity systems had disappointing shower experiences because the pressure was not high enough to get a decent flow rate of water.

Gravity Fed System

A typical Gravity-Fed water system

It is because of this, that system-specific showers have now been designed to cater for the needs of those with low pressure water systems

Gravity Fed Mixer Showers

Gravity fed mixer showers are fed  from a stored hot and cold water supply, namely a cold water tank in the loft, and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. The water is blended by the mixer shower to reach the desired temperature. The performance of a gravity mixer shower depends upon the water supply and the pressure. Providing the hot water tank is large enough to suit your needs and the pressure is adequate, then you will be provided with a decent flow of water. The pressure of the water depends upon the location of the cold water tank, this needs to be situated at least one metre above the shower head. Water pressure is measured in Bars; 1 metre height is equivalent to 0.1 bar pressure.

Our Ambassador Gravity Fed Mixer has been designed to work with the nuances of a gravity water system. The shower comes in both exposed and concealed options depending on your requirements and available space in your shower enclosure. Another option is our Digital Pumped Shower, which has a remote processor located away from the shower, rather than the traditional valve of a mixer shower. The processor blends the hot and cold water together and the pump ensures a good flow for low pressure systems.

Another option is to have an electric shower, rather than a mixer or digital. Electric showers run off the mains cold water and heat the water before delivering it to the shower head. We have a range of electric showers available for you to browse on our website.

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Is This The World’s Scariest Bathroom?

Now, we’ve seen some scary bathrooms in our time… but nothing compares to this luxury penthouse bathroom in Guadalajara, Mexico. The bathroom is at the top of a 1970s colonial building in a penthouse designed by architects Hernandez Silva Arquitecto.

While the penthouse living space itself is completely as you would expect, the bathroom just happens to be situated at the top of an unused 15-storey lift shaft. Oh, and the architects decided to give the bathroom a glass floor meaning anyone using the room can see right down to the bottom of the shaft! 

Scary bathroom

We hope that glass is reinforced!

For most people, the thought of dangling over a vast lift shaft is terrifying enough, but it’s something that the owners of the penthouse will have to endure every day. While they carry out simple everyday tasks, such as using the toilet or brushing their teeth, they will be able to look right down through the glass floor to the bottom of the 15 floor shaft.

The empty shaft was originally intended to be a second lift for the building, but when it was never installed, the architects used the opportunity to add a bathroom at the top – and quite possibly the world’s most terrifying bathroom!

Scary Bathroom

This bathroom doesn’t do much encourage the 2 minute brushing time recommended by dentists!

We hope your visits to the bathroom are not so scary – Happy Friday everyone!

Images courtesy of London Media.

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Refurbishing Your Bathroom? Make Sure You Choose The Right Shower

This time of year is a popular one for bathroom refurbishments. The May Day Bank Holiday weekend is coming up, and a lot of people will use the extra day off work to do some home improvements. The bathroom is a common room to choose, and you’ll see that many bathroom showrooms and DIY stores have some great offers leading up to the Bank Holiday weekend.

Refurbishing your bathroom needn’t be a massive headache. With some prior planning and organisation, it can be a task you really enjoy. And think about how satisfying it will be when you have a lovely new bathroom at the end of it!

Romantic Style Bathroom

Rather than just redecorating your bathroom, refurbishment implies replacing the physical components of the room – bath ,sink, toilet and of course, the shower. Many stores sell fully-kitted bathroom suites that definitely make life easier, but may be an expensive way to buy. You’ll find that with a bit of extra effort and some clever research, you can save yourself some money by sourcing items from different suppliers, and get the bathroom that you really want!

Before you start the process, have a look in magazines and on the internet for the type of bathroom you want. Take the time to visit some showrooms to get inspiration. Think about the decoration – the colour of the walls, the type of flooring (e.g. tiles, lino, wooden boards). Do you want a particular theme in the room, and do you prefer certain colours?

Modern Style Bathroom

Once you’ve decided on the style and decoration, it’s time to think about the “hardware” of the room. This is usually one of the most difficult stages of the whole process. Depending on your skills and knowledge on plumbing and electrics, you may need assistance for this. It’s always best to do as much research as you can to save the most time and money. For example, when choosing a new shower, you have to consider much more than just the look, design and price of the shower. You need to think about the hot water system that is currently installed in your house and make sure that the shower you pick is compatible.

Firstly, do you want to use the household hot water system to heat the shower? If so, the next step is to find out what system you have as there are different showers designed for different systems. By picking the right shower for your water system, you can ensure that the shower will operate to its best performance. If you have a combi boiler, for example, then you should look for combi showers, which are optimised for these boilers. A combi boiler operates so that hot water is always available when required. Combi boilers are popular with new build properties as they are smaller than traditional boilers and therefore take up less space. They are commonly located in the kitchen. Those with gravity-fed hot water systems should look for gravity-fed showers, while those with high pressure systems should look for high pressure showers.

TT07 Concealed Mixer Shower

A stylish chrome concealed mixer shower is a great addition to almost any style of bathroom

If you prefer not to use your hot water system, for example, if you have a small hot water cylinder, then you may want to look at electric showers. Electric showers are extremely convenient for families and large households as they heat cold water instantly, so you don’t need to worry about running out of hot water or waiting to heat it up. Electric showers are also a good option for a second bathroom or en-suite bathroom.

Once you have bought your new bathroom suite, it’s time to get on with the installation. Depending on where you bought the products, you may be offered a fitting service or you may wish to use the services of a plumber. When installing electric showers from new, or upgrading or downgrading a previous electric shower, it may be necessary for a Part-P registered electrician to fit the new shower.

Whatever you decide to do with your bathroom refurbishment, have fun shopping this weekend!

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