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Give Your Bathroom A Facelift With A New Electric Shower

You may have seen in our recent posts that we’ve just launched our brand new GSX electric shower collection. We think these stylish showers are perfect for bathroom facelifts and refurbishments. And with our new showers starting at only £79.99 (until 23rd September 2012), so even if you’re on a tight budget, a smartened-up bathroom could be only a few clicks away.

Most of us would love to give our bathrooms a facelift (it’s one of the most popular rooms on wish lists), but as we all know, small jobs can easily escalate into large (and expensive) work. One thing that doesn’t have to cost the earth is your new shower, and it can really make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom.

If you’re replacing an electric shower, you may find that one of our GSX range is a perfect replacement. A qualified plumber and/or electrician should find a straightforward replacement simple and fuss-free. If you’re installing a brand new shower, you will need a Part P registered electrician to fit the shower.

Electric showers can be a great choice for anyone looking for a ‘greener’ option. Unlike a conventional mixer shower that relies upon a reserve of stored hot water, electric showers only heat water as it is required. It also means that should there ever be a problem with your boiler, your shower will not be affected.

Like with any big purchase for your home, it’s important to spend a little bit of time to think about who will be using the shower and what their requirements are. For example, if the shower is for a family bathroom, you’ll want something that’s easy to use and is as safe as possible:

GSX Plus – Great For Families

Something like the GSX Plus would be ideal for a family bathroom – it has illuminated push buttons which are easy to use, and provide instant feedback. It also has some key safety features to provide peace of mind – the intelligent automatic heating setting switch down ensures no-one will shower at excessively high temperatures (essential for children and vulnerable users) – and the phased shut-down safety feature flushes residual hot water from the system once the shower is switched off, making sure the next user is protected from a hot water ‘spike’. These features mean that everyone from the kids to visiting parents and in-laws can shower safely and with reassurance.

GSX Plus Shower

GSX Plus Shower

Plus, the adjustable height rail means the shower head can be moved to suit all members of the family – from the biggest to the smallest! The introductory price for the GSX Plus is £99.99.

GSX Deluxe – Ideal For Bathroom Upgrades

Are you looking for a bit more luxury in your bathroom? While it may be our top-of-the-range shower, the GSX Deluxe will by no means blow your budget. Until 23rd September, the GSX Deluxe is priced at £119.99, and you get a lot for your money! An LCD screen features a multi-function display including the shower temperature, duration and heat setting. The display will also indicate if the water pressure drops or there are any other error messages. The chrome handset has three spray patterns, to allow the user to pick a pattern to suit their mood – whether it’s a 60 second shower before heading off to work, or something a little more relaxing to wind down at the end of the day.

GSX Deluxe Shower

GSX Deluxe Shower

GSX – Best For Those On A Budget

If you want to upgrade your bathroom, but only have a limited budget, the GSX shower, could be the perfect choice for you. Although it is the basic model in our new range, its features are by no means basic! From 4 heat settings (including a full cold setting – perfect for a hot summer’s day or after exercise), to a low pressure warning light indicator and 3-spray shower head, the GSX is a great investment at only £79.99 until 23rd September.

GSX Shower

GSX Shower

All of our GSX showers are available with an 8.5 kW engine, which is our most popular engine size across all of our electric shower ranges, and they each come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee – to give you complete peace of mind. They’re all finished in a combination of stylish white and chrome to complement all types of bathrooms – whether contemporary or traditional.

Guarantee and Reassurance

Although these days it’s possible to pick up an electric shower when you’re out shopping for groceries, we still believe it makes sense to buy from a specialist manufacturer (like us!). As well as offering the best deals (we only sell online to keep our prices low), as well as free next working day delivery, and we can also offer guarantees as well as technical aftersales support. Our website also has some fantastic troubleshooting advice if you ever encounter a problem with your shower.

So, hopefully we’ve made your life a little easier now, and choosing the perfect electric shower should be a breeze! But if you do need any more advice, take a look at our website – it’s packed full of useful information.


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We’ve Got A Shiny NEW Electric Shower Range!

We’ve just launched a brand new range of electric showers for 2012, and we’re very excited about it – we can’t wait to tell you all about our GSX Range! The range comprises 3 brand new showers, (so there’s a choice to suit all budgets) and they’re exclusively available to order from us online. Plus,  for a limited time only, we’re offering these showers from £79.99 – so make sure you snap one up before the offer runs out!*

The GSX range offers 3 choices – the GSX, GSX Plus and GSX Deluxe. Standard on each of the showers are the following features:

  • Four temperature settings (including a full COLD setting – perfect for hot summer days or after exercise);
  • A low-pressure warning indicator (helpful, should there be any water supply issues);
  • Complete with an adjustable height, 3 spray pattern handset (providing comfort for the whole family).
GSX Shower

The GSX Shower

Upgrade to the GSX Plus or Deluxe, and you’ll be rewarded with some rather sophisticated features, (if we do say so ourselves!) which we’ll explain later on in the post.

So, Why Go Electric?

Electric showers are great for all types of installations – new or replacement showers. Installations are usually straightforward when replacing an old shower, but if you are upgrading or downgrading the power rating or installing a brand new shower, make sure your shower is installed by a Part P registered electrician.

Electric showers do not rely on your home’s stored hot water supply, meaning they can be an energy and cost efficient option. They heat water on demand, meaning that they’re ideal for a second or en-suite bathroom and will not deplete your hot water reserve.

And there’s also peace of mind with our GSX range – they’re all safe and easy to use for the whole family. With either simple push buttons (GSX Plus and Deluxe) or rotary controls (GSX), it’s easy to choose one of the 4 heat settings available. Enhanced controls on the GSX Plus (LED illumination) and the GSX Deluxe (LCD display) provide visual feedback for more assured showering.  


We think the new GSX handsets are also pretty cool – each model has a three spray, multi-mode handset supplied, allowing you to choose a spray pattern to suit your mood. Whether you want a refreshing shower to wake you up first thing in the morning, or something a little more relaxing before bedtime, there’ll be a spray pattern to suit. Depending on which model you go for, you’ll have either a white or chrome handset to complement your shower.

GSX Handset

GSX Handset

GSX Deluxe Handset

GSX Deluxe Handset



The GSX range has been designed and styled to complement any type of bathroom – whether contemporary or traditional. Each of the showers is finished in stylish, bright white with chrome and white detailing, depending on the model. Plus, all GSX showers come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee as well as FREE next working day delivery!

GSX Plus Shower

The GSX Plus Shower

GSX Deluxe Shower

The GSX Deluxe Shower


Gainsborough GSX Electric Shower – Perfect For Those On A Budget

Gainsborough’s robust new GSX electric shower is a great choice for new and replacement installations. Its rotary style controls couldn’t be easier to use, whilst its LED ‘power on’ button and low pressure warning light ensures safe showering for all.

  • 4 heat settings – including a full cold setting
  • Easy-glide, rotary controls to adjust heat settings
  • 8.5kW power unit – our most popular engine size
  • LED light indicates power on – visual reassurance
  • Low pressure warning light
  • Adjustable height shower rail and 3 spray handset
  • Audible ‘click’ on handset clearly identifies change from one spray pattern to another
  • Finished in white with white/chrome riser rail and white handset
  • 2 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee
  • Introductory Offer Price £79.99*

Gainsborough GSX Plus Electric Shower – The Ideal Family Shower

User-friendly features, such as the illuminated push button controls, intelligent automatic heat setting switch and intelligent phased shutdown, mean that Gainsborough’s new GSX Plus is perfect for family bathrooms. The GSX Plus will automatically switch to a lower heat setting if an excessively high heat setting is selected. Meanwhile, unpleasant, hot water ‘hangovers’ are eliminated, thanks to the GSX Plus’ phased shutdown: hot water left over at the end of a shower is flushed from the element as soon as the shower is turned off – ensuring the next user doesn’t receive a burst of hot water and also helping to reduce limescale build-up.

  • In addition to GSX Electric Shower features:
  • Intelligent, automatic heat setting switch – prevents excessively high heat from being selected
  • Phased shut-down safety feature
  • Memory setting – if the GSX Deluxe is not isolated from the electricity supply after use, it will use its most recent heat setting
  • Finished in white with a white/chrome riser rail and chrome handset
  • Introductory Offer Price £89.99*

Gainsborough GSX Deluxe Electric Shower – For Those Who Like A Little Luxury

For electric showering luxury, look no further than our new GSX Deluxe. In addition to the standard features, including heat settings with simple to use, push button controls, an intelligent automatic heat setting switch, which prevents a dangerously high heat setting being selected, an intelligent phased shut-down feature – flushing hot water from the shower’s element to avoid unpleasant hot water ‘hangovers’ – the GSX Deluxe benefits from a crystal clear, easy to understand LCD display.

  • In addition to GSX Plus Electric Shower features:
  • Illuminated LCD display that indicates actual shower’s temperature**, shower duration, active heat setting, power on, low pressure warning indicator and error messages
  • Finished in white with a chrome rail and coordinated, chrome handset
  • Introductory Offer Price £119.99*

* Introductory Offer runs until 23rd September 2012.

** Please note: the actual temperature will be shown approximately 2°C higher than at handset.

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Hard Water, Limescale and Showers

When reading through our customer feedback and online plumbing forums, we see a lot of comments relating to hard water and limescale and the problems that can be caused for showers. Those who live in hard water areas may find a lot of issues are encountered with their showers, as well as other household appliances such as kettles and washing machines.

What is Hard Water?
Hard water has a high mineral content (when compared to soft water) and is found in many areas of the UK. Please see the map below for areas affected by hard water:

Hard water is not harmful to our health, but it can cause serious problems for equipment that handles water e.g. boilers and showers because the minerals in the water form deposits that can clog plumbing. This hard, off-white, chalky deposit is called limescale.

Limescale is often found around the home, on kettles, taps and shower heads. We’re all familiar with a kettle that has been affected by limescale (please see picture below), and the need to descale our kettles – but did you know that electric showers can be affected in exactly the same way? If you’re finding that your electric showers are failing after 18 months/2 years, there’s a very strong possibility that it could be down to limescale.

How To Remove Limescale
Descaling agents can be used to remove limescale, and there are many products available in shops, but two of the best methods are lemon juice and white vinegar, both of which are acidic and will break down the alkaline properties of the limescale. Lemon juice will leave behind a lovely smell, but vinegar can often work best on more stubborn deposits.

Removing limescale is not as straight forward as simply wiping it away, it needs to be soaked in the acid, and it therefore necessary to make sure the appropriate acid stays in contact with the limescale for a long enough time to do its job. With a shower head, for example, it may be necessary to remove the head from the hose and submerge it in a solution overnight to break up the limescale.

Please note: Before using any products, make sure they are suitable for use on the materials in your household.

Solutions for Hard Water
But, removing limescale from the outside of your products will not solve your hard water problem, and there is still the chance that the shower will have problems, and possibly even breakdown. Electric showers in particular work in a very similar way to a kettle – imagine how the element in a kettle can be damaged – that could be happening to the element inside your electric shower.

Water softeners are commonly used in areas of hard water to reduce the adverse effects caused. There are many different types of water softener s and descalers available. Your local water board or plumber may be able to recommend the most suitable system for your home.

Gainsborough Showers and Hard Water
Some of our showers have a phased shutdown feature. This is an intelligent feature which flushes residual hot water from the shower once it is turned off. Not only does this protect the next user from potentially scalding themselves, it also helps to cut down on limescale build-up. If hard water is a problem for you, look for the Phased Shutdown Feature on your next Gainsborough shower.

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Add Some Luxury To Your Bathroom (Bling Part 2!)

We love to explore the web in search of weird and interesting bathroom oddities, and our latest find is this extravagant ‘Chandelier Shower’. Slightly OTT in our opinion, but we may put the idea forward to our R&D department and see how it goes down! 

Chandelier Shower

Image courtesy of

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a chandelier shower, then why not check out our less extravagant ideas…

We all like to pamper ourselves now and then, but while we may have to limit the luxury spa breaks to special occasions, we can definitely inject a ‘touch of luxury’ into our daily lives! Making some changes to your bathroom is an easy way to add some luxury to your daily routine:

  • Think about Lighting

Interior lights can play a major part in a room’s atmosphere. If you’re adding a new bathroom suite, or giving the room a fresh coat of paint, why not add some complementary lighting to make the room look its best? It will make such a difference to the room to add some strategic lighting points. And if you have the budget/capability – add a skylight to improve visibility further whilst adding a source of natural light.

  • Upgrade the fixtures

By simply changing some handles and taps, you can make a huge difference to the bathroom. Stylish chrome is always a popular choice as it complements most bathroom designs. Adding accessories to match your theme can also make an impact – think about towel racks, shelves and hooks to complete the look. In addition, think about what bottles and lotions you have on display, and make sure they fit in with your theme.

  • What about Warmth

No-one likes a chilly bathroom, and certainly, anyone wanting to achieve a luxury spa feel would fall at the first hurdle if the bathroom was cold. Have you got a heated towel rail? If not, consider installing one. It will keep your towels lovely and warm, and will also add some heat to the room, making it a cosy and warm environment. If your bathroom is especially cold, then it may be worth installing a discreet room heater that won’t detract from the bathroom decor but will create a lovely, warm atmosphere.

And last of all, don’t forget – fluffy towels, candles (be safe!), some relaxing music and a good book!

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Buying A Mixer Shower – What You Need To Know

It’s important to note when buying a new shower, that there are three different types of shower technology – electric, mixer and digital – each with its own benefits, plumbing requirements and installation needs. One of the most popular types is the mixer shower, as they are incredibly hard-wearing, easy to maintain and usually modern in design.

Mixer Showers – Suitable For All Households

Mixer showers blend hot and cold water together to create a flow of water at your desired temperature. Your home’s household hot water system will determine which type of mixer shower you get – whether it’s gravity-fed, combi or high pressure. There are mixer showers specifically designed to work perfectly with each type of system – take a look at our Ambassador range, for example. In homes with low-pressure (gravity-fed), a pump may be required to increase the water flow from your shower.

Thermostatic Mixer Showers – Safer and More Comfortable

Today, most mixer showers are thermostatic. Thermostatic showers automatically adjust to maintain a constant water temperature even when water is being used elsewhere. This means, gone are the days when the shower would run freezing cold just because someone flushed a toilet, so no more nasty pranks between siblings! On a sensible note, this feature is an important safety one, especially in households with young children or elderly people.

Mixer Showers & Limescale

Mixer showers are more resistant to limescale, which makes them ideal for homes in hard water areas. For example, our Ambassador range of mixer showers features an integral bi-metallic thermostatic coil which is resistant to limescale build-up. Not only does it improve the performance of your shower by allowing more water to pass through, but it will also prolong the life of the shower.

Mixer Showers – Exposed or Concealed?

Mixer showers are usually available in 2 different styles: exposed or concealed. Exposed showers have the pipe work mounted on the surface of the wall. They are easier to install, and therefore usually cheaper, however, they do take up more space and are therefore not ideal for smaller showering enclosures.

Concealed mixer showers (sometimes called recessed showers) have the shower valve and pipe work positioned in the wall to give a neater and more minimalist finish. In order to have a concealed shower installed, there must be a cavity or space behind the wall. It is a more complex installation, compared to an exposed shower, so the labour costs may be slightly higher.

Stylish and Contemporary Designs

For those looking for a stylish and modern looking shower, you can’t really go wrong with a mixer shower. They usually come in stylish chrome designs that complement most bathrooms, so there’s bound to be a mixer shower to suit you.

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