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Are You Ready For Christmas?

Tomorrow is the 1st of December – the countdown to Christmas has truly begun! With less than a month left, may of us are starting to think about getting our homes ready for the arrival of Christmas guests and relatives. So, whether that’s putting up extra beds and getting bedding down from the loft, or making sure that the freezer is stocked with food, one area we tend to forget is the bathroom.

With extra people staying in the house, of course, there’s going to be increased pressure on household appliances, and showers, particularly electric showers, can often struggle if they’re old and getting a bit tired. Electric showers have to work much harder in the winter anyway (the incoming mains water is colder, and it takes more energy to heat it to the desired temperature), so unfortunately this means that shower breakdowns often occur over the winter. During the Christmas break it can be a nightmare to try and buy a replacement shower and then there’s the hassle of getting a plumber in to fit it!


Is your home ready for Christmas?

So if your shower is nearing the end of its life – don’t wait until its too late! Upgrade your shower today and make sure it’s prepared for the onslaught of Christmas guests and relatives.

If you have an older Gainsborough model that’s now obsolete, our replacement shower page should help you find a suitable retro-fit shower. The page lists each shower model with a handy link to each replacement product, all of which are available to buy online with free delivery. There’a also helpful advice about replacing electric showers and what can be involved in reducing or increasing the kilowatt rating.

Image courtesy of Beverly LR


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Calling All Affiliates!

We’ve just signed up to one of the leading affiliate networks and we’re looking for website publishers to help drive traffic and sales to our website.

So, if you have a website, why not sign up to join our programme?

What is affiliate marketing?

Firstly, let’s explain what affiliate marketing is. It’s a marketing tool, which is extremely cost-effective. Advertisers (such as Gainsborough Showers) benefit from ‘pay-for-performance’ results. Website publishers (known as affiliates) add banners, buttons, adverts and links to their website to help drive traffic and sales to the advertiser’s website. For every sale that is made, the advertisers pay commission to the publisher by tracking the transactions.

What are the benefits for affiliates?

Joining our programme will have a number of benefits for affiliates too. These are:

  • The programme is completely free to join
  • It’s simple and easy to set it up
  • More and more consumers are buying bathroom products online – more opportunities for commission

The benefits for Gainsborough Showers

Here at Gainsborough we’re really excited about the possibilities of starting a new affiliate programme. Our customers love that they can buy a shower online, quickly and easily with no fuss, and by adding further opportunities for them to do that will really help towards achieving our goals as a business. We hope that this programme will create more awareness of our electric, mixer and digital showers – from our best-selling 8.5 se, to our trusty Ambassador mixer, right through to our premium digital range. The affiliate programme will also help to raise awareness of our new GSX electric shower range, which starts from only £89.99 for our GSX 8.5.

How To Join

Website owners can become a member of Affiliate Future and apply for our programme – our merchant ID is 5774. It’s as easy as that!

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Five Top Tips For Saving Money Around The Home

It’s only 40 days until Christmas – and if this fills you with dread rather than joy then perhaps our money saving tips might help you to get in the festive spirit…

Save Money on Flushes and Feel Flush!

Buying a water-saving ball for a few pounds into your toilet cisterns can help you save water – particularly useful if you’re on a water meter. Flushing toilets uses about 30% of household water, and one of these cistern balls only costs a few pounds to buy.

Get A Water Butt

Installing a water butt in your garden will collect rainwater from your drainpipes to provide water for plants and flowers. Not only will these help you save money if you’re on a water meter but it will also come in useful the next time a summer time hosepipe ban comes into play…

Secure Your Home and Secure Your Possessions

As the evenings get longer and darker, our homes are more and more at risk from the threat of burglary, particularly when left empty. Upgrade your home’s security features, such as good quality window and door locks, install some outside lighting and consider a burglar alarm too. Having your home burgled just before Christmas will not help the finances!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Society today has a ‘throwaway’ attitude rather than preserve and mend what we already have. Instead of throwing things out when they get a bit tired, think about how you can repair them and make them as good as new. Descale the kettle, defrost the fridge regularly to keep them in tip top condition and less likely to breakdown. Similarly with your shower – make sure the shower head is descaled frequently to make sure your shower is kept working at its best.

Chrome Shower Head

Keep your shower head shiny and clean to avoid problems

Keep your receipts

Make sure to keep receipts and warranties/guarantees of large purchases in a file or box. This will ensure that they are kept safe and if anything goes wrong in the first year or two you can get it repaired or replaced for free.

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Do you ever work in the bathroom?

Apparently 5% of UK home workers do!

A survey of 1,000 office workers conducted by online and remote meetings software company TeamViewer has uncovered some of the ‘working from home’ habits of UK workers.

Interestingly, most of the respondents (68%) would like to work from home, and a massive 78% would prefer more flexible working arrangements, and said this would boost job satisfaction in the absence of pay increases. Half of those surveyed would like to travel less for work.

Of those that do work from home, either occasionally or frequently, there were some strange locations revealed – with 14% choosing to work in the garden, 13% in bed, 7% while cooking, and 5% admitted to having done work whilst in the bathroom, but presumably not when showering?! Although, perhaps this 5% do count showering as working, as it’s usually in the shower when moments of inspiration tend to strike!

Photo by Tim Marman

Another interesting revelation was that only one-third said they always showered before starting work from home, yet 36% make sure to take tea breaks at the same time each day when working from home. It shows that while the locations may be slightly unusual, home workers like to keep routine whether working in the office or from home.

How about you? Do you ever work in the shower or bathroom?

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New GSX Range now on eBay and Amazon

We’re really happy to announce that our new GSX range are now available to buy on Amazon and eBay!

We launched our brand new electric shower range back in July 2012, and we’re now expanding its presence on the web to reach new customers. The range consists of 3 models – the GSX, GSX Plus and GSX Deluxe. All three come with an economical 8.5kW engine as well as a choice of 4 heat settings and 3 spray shower head, and prices start from £89.99 including free delivery for UK mainland customers.

Why eBay and Amazon?

We have a lot of loyal customers that like to buy directly from us on our website, but we also know that when buying online, many shoppers prefer to use sites that they feel comfortable with. Amazon and eBay are well established websites and have plenty of benefits for shoppers. It’s these benefits, plus the fantastic security of the sites, that encourage people to use them when buying products online. eBay for example, allows customers to buy items via PayPal without having to enter their credit card details. Amazon has its 1-Click function which is a quick and easy way to order with one click of a button. 

Plus, both eBay and Amazon have their own apps, so purchases can be made on smart phones or tablets while out and about – convenient and simple.

Gainsborough Showers on eBay and Amazon

Some of our other showers and spare parts, such as our popular electric shower SE range and our robust Ambassador mixer shower range are already on sale on the two sites, and we’ve found them to be really successful. We’re also hoping to open an eBay shop very soon.

So if you’re thinking about buying a new shower – head on over to eBay or Amazon and search for ‘Gainsborough Showers’ to take a look at our fantastic products!

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New Hitchcock Film Trailer – With Psycho Shower Scene Included!

After yesterday’s Halloween post about scary shower curtains, featuring a couple of Psycho-inspired shower curtains, we thought it would be a good excuse to post about the up-and-coming Hitchcock film. Unlike Hitchcock’s usual suspense and psychological thriller films, this one is a bio about the director’s struggle to finance the famous Psycho movie.

Sir Anthony Hopkins is set to play The Master of Suspense, while Helen Mirren takes on the part of his wife, Alma. Scarlett Johansson will be taking on the role of Janet Leigh, who was cast as Marion Crane in the original 1960 Psycho film.

The shower scene in which Crane was famously killed early on in the movie is one of the most iconic scenes in film history. This new film will go behind the scenes and show how the filming of the shower scene was conducted, with Hitchcock holding the knife, and Alma even advising her husband to kill off the heroine in the first thirty minutes. The film will see also Johansson recreating the famous Psycho shower scene…

Psycho Shower Scarlett

Scarlett Johansson filming the Psycho shower scene as Janet Leigh (Picture: Fox Searchlight Pictures)

The official trailer for the film, which is called ‘Hitchcock’, has now been released and you can view it here:

Hitchcock Movie Trailer

The film is released in cinemas around the UK on 8th February 2013 – and we can’t wait!

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