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Are You Ready For Christmas?

Tomorrow is the 1st of December – the countdown to Christmas has truly begun! With less than a month left, may of us are starting to think about getting our homes ready for the arrival of Christmas guests and relatives. So, whether that’s putting up extra beds and getting bedding down from the loft, or making sure that the freezer is stocked with food, one area we tend to forget is the bathroom.

With extra people staying in the house, of course, there’s going to be increased pressure on household appliances, and showers, particularly electric showers, can often struggle if they’re old and getting a bit tired. Electric showers have to work much harder in the winter anyway (the incoming mains water is colder, and it takes more energy to heat it to the desired temperature), so unfortunately this means that shower breakdowns often occur over the winter. During the Christmas break it can be a nightmare to try and buy a replacement shower and then there’s the hassle of getting a plumber in to fit it!


Is your home ready for Christmas?

So if your shower is nearing the end of its life – don’t wait until its too late! Upgrade your shower today and make sure it’s prepared for the onslaught of Christmas guests and relatives.

If you have an older Gainsborough model that’s now obsolete, our replacement shower page should help you find a suitable retro-fit shower. The page lists each shower model with a handy link to each replacement product, all of which are available to buy online with free delivery. There’a also helpful advice about replacing electric showers and what can be involved in reducing or increasing the kilowatt rating.

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Kids Back at School? Time To Clean Up!

Well, the summer holidays are now well and truly over – the kids are back at school and already getting ready for harvest festival and thinking about Halloween at the end of the month. So, now that the summer craziness has subsided, don’t let the Back to School Blues get to you – it’s the ideal time to have a good tidy up and complete some of the tasks you weren’t able to do over the summer.

back to school

The bathroom lends itself perfectly to an autumn renovation. After a busy summer of kids running in and out, jumping in the shower to wash off sand and dirt, it’s not difficult for a family bathroom to suffer and be in need of a little TLC. And now the kids are back at school, there are fewer distractions around to allow you to really crack on and get some work done. And what better place to start than with the bathroom shower?

Cold Weather Problems

Autumn is a sensible time to buy new showers. Many older showers tend to struggle in the winter so it makes sense to upgrade before the cold weather kicks in. This is because the incoming water becomes much colder, and as a result, electric shower flow rates will typically decrease as the shower struggles to heat the water to the usual desired temperatures.  If you think your shower is coming to the end of its life, it may be simpler to upgrade now.

Electric Showers – great for all budgets

So, if it’s an electric shower you’re after, you can find some fantastic bargains at the moment that will really make an impact on your bathroom design. Our new range of GSX electric showers currently start from only £79.99 – not likely to blow anyone’s budget. But this is a limited time introductory offer so you’ll need to act fast! Check our website for full details.

The GSX range prides itself on sophisticated gloss white finishes and chrome detailing making them ideal for any style of bathroom – either contemporary or more traditional. There are 3 models available, varying in price and features, so there’s bound to be something to suit every home. Our GSX showers come with 8.5kW engines – our most popular engine size – and every model has four heat settings, adjustable spray patterns, and family friendly height-adjustable rails. All of the features can be found on the Gainsborough website.

Mixer Showers – sophisticated and stylish

Or perhaps you’d prefer a stylish mixer shower for an instant bathroom refresh? We love our Ambassador range of mixer showers – there’s one designed specifically for each type of plumbing system, whether gravity-fed, high-pressure or combi-boiler. And whether you prefer exposed or concealed designs – there’s a style to suit you. What’s more, the Ambassador range is currently on offer – reduced from £152.00 down to £120.00 so snap yours up today!

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Top Tips For Winter Shower Care

Now that the cold weather has arrived, you may notice a change in your shower’s performance. Calls into our contact centre increase by around 20% at this time of year, with many of our customers wishing to replace older showers that have stopped working, or seeking advice about how to improve their shower’s performance during the cold weather. This guide to caring for your shower in the winter should help you understand and overcome the most common problems.

Why is my electric shower running cold?

Electric showers have a tendency to struggle during periods of cold weather, and you may find that the water is not as warm as usual, or the flow rate is reduced.

The reason behind this is that the water being fed into the shower is much colder than normal, and consequently the shower has to work much harder to heat the water to your usual temperature. The shower’s performance can also be affected due to the heavy demand on power over the winter which can cause the voltage to drop.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to resolve this problem. You could consider upgrading your electric shower to one with a higher kilowatt rating (although bear in mind that this may require a Part P registered electrician to assess your cabling and install the new shower). Another option is to switch your electric shower to a mixer shower. The cold weather does not affect mixer showers as much as they take water from your hot water system rather than heating the mains fed water.

Finally, if possible, try to avoid using the electric shower first thing in the morning. Overnight, the temperature of the pipes will drop considerably meaning that the resulting temperature of the water will be much lower. If possible, try to use your electric shower later in the day when the outside temperature will be higher.

Digital Showers in the Winter

Digital showers can also suffer in the colder months. Issues can include the shower starting briefly but then switching off, or the lights illuminating but no water flow. These issues occur more frequently with customers whose processor (the mixer part of your shower which blends the hot and cold water together) is stored in the loft, or an area which is subject to the extreme cold weather. Extreme cold temperatures can affect the thermistor within the processor causing it to go into ‘safe mode’.

If your processor stops working, the first step would be to turn the power supply off for a few minutes before switching it back on.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening again.

  • Ensure that the pipe work to and from the processor is lagged (special tubular foam insulation)
  • Place a cardboard box over the processor but ensure that there are at least 2-3 inches of air clearance between the box and the processor. Add ventilation holes for pumped models. Do not wrap the processor or place a blanket around it or the cardboard box. Please note that it may be necessary to remove the cardboard box during the warmer summer months.

We’re part of the Aqualisa Group, and more information on digital shower care in the winter can be found on their website: Caring for Digital Showers in the Cold Weather.

Other things you can do to reduce the effect of the cold on your showering experience include: 

  • Insulating pipes with foam lagging;
  • Buying a cover for your hot water cylinder if it’s located in a cold place;
  • Ensuring that you boiler gets a service and is running efficiently.

And if all else fails….

If your shower does break down in the cold weather it can be a stressful experience trying to replace or fix it. Older showers are more prone to fail in the winter months and you may need to replace yours with a new, more efficient model. In our Winter Sale, prices start from just £61.50 for our 8.5kW se white electric shower so there’s never been a better time to buy. If you’re looking to install a higher kilowatt electric shower to better cope with the cold, prices start from only £91.99 for our 10.5kW se white electric shower. Alternatively, switch to a mixer shower or join the digital shower revolution. All our showers come with free next working day delivery (conditions may apply) and a free guarantee as standard.

If you simply need to replace a part that has failed, our comprehensive online parts store should stock the part you need.

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