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Don’t forget the clocks this ‘National Sleep In Day’

It’s that time of year again. The clocks go back this Sunday, October 28th, marking the official start of the UK wintertime. So we can look forward to darker, colder evenings from now on…

But the good news is we get an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning! And because of this, Sunday has officially been named ‘National Sleep In Day’ – so make sure you enjoy that extra hour with no guilt!

Did you know that around a third of us don’t get enough sleep each night? We spoke before about the various health benefits of warm showers, but we’d like to focus on sleep for this post, because sleep is so important. And in line with our previous post, we’d like to share with you the benefits of having a warm shower before bed, and the fantastic effects it has on improving your sleep and helping you to feel completely rested.

These two have no trouble sleeping…

A warm shower, which is usually defined as between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius, will relax you and relieve stress – two major challenges of a good night’s sleep. The combination of the warm water and steam created by the shower warms our body temperature and this starts to induce us into sleep mode. Adding lavender essential oil, as  it is a natural relaxant, will help to relax you even further.

Once the shower is finished and you’ve left the warm, steamy bathroom and entered the cooler bedroom, your body temperature will naturally start to cool down. This process of cooling the temperature of the body will incite drowsiness and aids the process of falling asleep. Plus, feeling clean and refreshed after a nice shower makes us feel more relaxed anyhow, once again, helping to encourage sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, one of the best things you can do is to try and get into a bedtime routine (think about how we encourage children to have a warm bath before bedtime). This will condition your body and mind to start to relax and you should find falling asleep much easier.

Today’s modern showers, such as thermostatic mixer showers, have made showering an even more relaxing and easy experience for us. The thermostatic valves in modern mixer showers constantly control the temperature of the water and prevent unpleasant temperature fluctuations when water is used elsewhere in the home (like someone flushing the toilet or washing the dishes). Similarly, through the use of illuminated flashing lights, digital showers, like those found in our digital shower range, intelligently advise users when the optimum water temperature has been reached and the shower is ready to go.

If you have problems sleeping, as well as having a warm shower bed, The Sleep Council has the following advice:

  • Get into a sleep routine – going to bed and getting up at approximately the same time each day will help the body to sleep better.
  • Create a peaceful and calming environment – make sure the bedroom is used only for rest and sleep and lose the TV, laptop and mobile. The room should also be kept as quiet and dark as possible and the temperature of the room shouldn’t be too hot or too cold – between 16 and 18 degrees is ideal.
  • The most important part of the bedroom, the bed, should be comfortable and supportive, and not too soft, hard or old.
  • Regular exercise has been shown to relieve stress, and activities such as swimming and walking can help to aid sleep patterns. Exercise should be avoided just before bedtime as it may have the opposite desired effect.
  • Reduce the amount of stimulants, like tea and coffee, which contain caffeine, in the evening as they can interfere with sleep. A hot milky drink or herbal tea before bed is preferable.
  • Undertake some relaxing activities, such as yoga or listening to peaceful music, before going to bed.
  • If daily stresses are interfering with sleep, make a list of tasks ‘to do’ the next day.

And don’t forget the clocks this Sunday!


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Wonder Dog Saves Owner Who Slips In The Shower

I read a lovely story this week about a Yorkshire Terrier, named Louis, who saved his owner after she collapsed in the shower.

Little Louis (look at him below, cute!) was trained by his owner, Victoria Shaw, to call for assistance in emergencies. Mrs Shaw is registered disabled and carries a panic alarm with her. She trained Louis to press the button, but it had always been a game. This time, Louis had to act for real.

Louis the Wonder Dog

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

When Mrs Shaw came out of her shower, she tripped on a rug, fell and hit her head. When she came to, Louis was right by her side and she could hear the voice of Telecare operative Sarah McLoughlin. Sarah called an ambulance and stayed on the line to reassure Mrs Shaw. Sarah asked who raised the alarm and they realised it must’ve been Louis. What a clever little dog! Luckily she was only left with a headache and dizziness, nothing too serious.

And to continue the dog/shower/water theme for today, here are some wonderful photos of dogs swimming underwater from amazing photographer Seth Casteel (you may have seen some of these online already, they’ve been a huge success).

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs 3

Underwater Dogs 4

Underwater Dogs 5

Underwater Dogs 6All photos courtesy of Seth Casteel

Happy Friday everyone!

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Do Cats Like Showers?

We all love cat videos. Be honest, you could spend all day watching them couldn’t you?

How about a cat taking a shower under a bathroom sink?

Of course you want to watch it, and here it is:

The common misconception is that cats dislike water, but this video seems to prove otherwise. Or perhaps this cat is just slightly odd.

Do you have cats, or any other pets? Do they like to have showers?

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