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Only 2 weeks left on our GSX Promotion!

You’ve got just 2 weeks left to take advantage of our fantastic GSX Promotion!

We’ve discounted the 3 stylish electric showers for the whole of May, and you can currently save up to £30 off a family-friendly GSX Plus 8.5, now only £89.99.

GSX Plus 8.5 Electric Shower

Reduced from £119.99 to £89.99

The GSX range of electric showers were introduced to the Gainsborough Showers family last year. All three models come with an economical 8.5kW (at 240V) engine, as well as two years parts and labour guarantee and free delivery as standard to give you complete peace of mind.

The entry level GSX 8.5 electric shower is fantastic value for money, and is currently reduced from £89.99 to £79.99. And despite its low cost, this electric shower has plenty of features – four heat setting, adjustable height shower rail system, choice of three spray shower head.

GSX 8.5 Electric Shower

Only £79.99 until the end of May!

Finally, the top-of-the-range GSX Deluxe 8.5 is now only £119.99, down from £139.99. This shower’s crowning glory is its illuminated LCD display, which feeds back useful information to the user, such as shower duration and temperature setting.

GSX Deluxe 8.5 Electric Shower

Now only £119.99

Both the GSX Plus 8.5 and the GSX Deluxe 8.5  have two significant safety features:

  1. Automatic heating setting switch down, which automatically switches to a lower heat setting if the user selects a dangerously high heat setting.
  2. Intelligent phased shutdown, which safeguards the next user by flushing residual hot water from the system. As well as protecting the next user, this feature also reduces lime scale build-up on the shower’s element, prolonging the life of the shower – a bonus for anyone who lives  in a hard water area.

So don’t miss out, get your new glossy electric shower before it’s too late!

And don’t forget, we’ve got another Bank Holiday coming up soon…


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May Specials on GSX Electric Showers

For the month of May, we’re giving you a special treat – save up to £30 on our GSX electric shower range!

The three GSX shower models are our most sophisticated electric showers yet. We launched them last summer, and now, for one month only we’re offering them to you at special prices!

GSX 8.5was £89.99, now £79.99 SAVE £10!

GSX Plus 8.5was £119.99, now £89.99 SAVE £30!

GSX Deluxe 8.5was £139.99, now £119.99 SAVE £20!

Plus, our GSX showers come from 2 years parts and labour guarantee and next working day delivery as standard!

Glossy White Showers

These stylish white electric shower complement both contemporary and more traditional style bathrooms – and their versatility means that they’re ideal for an en suite or even as a main family shower. All three showers come with certain features as standard:

  • Four temperature settings (including a full cold setting – perfect for cooling down on a summer’s day or after exercise)
  • A low pressure warning indicator (helpful in case there are any water supply issues)
  • An adjustable height shower rail (so that the whole family can shower in comfort)
  • Three spray pattern shower head (versatility to suit the user’s preference)
  • 8.5kW engine (our most popular and economical engine size)
  • Glossy white finish with white and chrome detailing
GSX 8.5 Electric Shower

GSX 8.5 now £79.99!

Upgrade to the GSX Plus for extra features

For the month of May, pay an extra £10 and you’ll get a whole host of extra features. The GSX Plus has illuminated push button controls (upgraded from the manual rotary control on the GSX) which make using the shower a doddle, and provide visual feedback and reassurance to the user. What’s more, you’ll get a stylish chrome shower head instead of white. In addition, safety features for extra peace of mind come as standard on the GSX Plus. The intuitive automatic heat setting switch down automatically switches down to a lower heat setting if a dangerously high heat setting is selected by the user; and our intelligent phased shutdown flushes all residual hot water from the element at the end of each shower. This not only protects the next user from a blast of hot water when they turn the shower on, but it also helps to prolong the life of the heating element, by reducing limescale build-up – pretty nifty, eh?

GSX Plus 8.5 Electric Shower

GSX Plus 8.5 now £89.99!

A touch of luxury – the GSX Deluxe

Finally, if you look for the best things in life, the GSX Deluxe is definitely for you, and until 31st May you can save £20 so don’t delay! In addition to the features described above, with the GSX Deluxe you’ll also benefit from a crystal clear LCD display – a feature never seen on any of our electric showers before! This illuminated display indicates the shower temperature*, shower duration (handy for time keeping or monitoring your water usage), the active heat setting, power on, low pressure warning indicator as well as any error messages.

GSX Deluxe 8.5 Electric Shower

GSX Deluxe 8.5 now £119.99!

All special offers on the GSX range are available from the Gainsborough Showers website until 31st May 2013.

* please note that actual temperature shown on screen will be approximately 2°C higher than at shower head.

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New Electric Shower Range!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our newest electric shower range – the gse range!

The gse range is our first range of graphite coloured showers – we had increasing demand from our customers to introduce a graphite range alongside our gloss white and satin chrome ranges, so here it is!

Gainsborough gse range

The gse range is available in 3 power ratings: 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW so there will be a shower to suit most households. The showers offer easy-to-use controls making them suitable for the whole family to operate.

Electric showers have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years due to their wide range of benefits. We have previously written a post on the benefits of electric showers.

All of our gse showers are supplied with fully chromed accessories (height adjustable shower rail, shower head and shower hose) to give them a contemporary finish. The 8.5kW and 9.5kW models are supplied with a single spray shower head, while the 10.5kW model is upgraded to a three spray shower head.

graphite electric showers

Safety Features

All three models in the gse range have a selection of safety features, including:

  • over temperature protection, which protects the user from selecting dangerously high temperatures
  • phased shut down, which switches the shower off gradually, flushing residual hot water from the system – protecting the next user and also reducing limescale build-up around the heating element to prolong the life of the shower.

Replacement Showers

Many of our customers with older Gainsborough electric showers will find that the gse range is a suitable replacement. We’ve listed all relevant shower models and any necessary information on our replacement showers page.

Prices start from £122 for the 8.5 gse electric shower, and all 3 models include free delivery.


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14% of UK Homes Don’t Have A Shower

We recently read a report published by AMA Research and found out that 86% of UK homes have at least one shower. That means that 14% of homes in the UK don’t have a shower. This got us thinking about how popular showers have become in the UK, and how today they’re just part of our everyday lives which we don’t really think about. So we decided to do some investigation into the history of showers. We wondered…

Where did showers come from originally?

Who designed the first showers?

How did people wash in the past?

And we found some interesting results. So interesting in fact, that we created a bright and colourful infographic (see below).

Here are some of the key findings:

  • In the UK, 86% of homes have at least one shower [Source: AMA Research] [Tweet This]
  • 30% of UK homes have 2 or more showers [Source: AMA Research] [Tweet This]
  • The average person in the UK spends 8 minutes in the shower [Source: BBC News] [Tweet This]
  • An average shower uses 62 litres of water, compared to 80 litres in a bath [Source: BBC News] [Tweet This]

In terms of the history of showers, we found these interesting facts…!

  • The first showers known to man were Waterfalls! #Natural [Tweet This]
  • The Ancient Greeks designed the first proper showers using aqueducts #Innovative [Tweet This]
  • During the Black Death, almost 1/3 of Europe’s population died – partly due to a lack of cleanliness #Shocking [Tweet This]
  • The First ‘Designer Shower’ was called The English Regency #Snazzy [Tweet This]
  • Electric Showers were originally called Tankless Water Heaters #InventiveName! [Tweet This]

You can read the entire infographic below. We’d love you to share it with your readers. If you would like to, please copy and paste the following code to add it to your site:

<img title=”The History of Showers – Infographic” alt=”The History of Showers – Infographic” src=”http://www.gainsboroughshowers.co.uk/upload/Infographics/HistoryofShowers.jpg” width=”574″ height=”3492″ border=”0″/>
[Source: <a href=”http://www.gainsboroughshowers.co.uk/”>Gainsborough Showers</a>]

The History of Showers


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Are You Ready For Christmas?

Tomorrow is the 1st of December – the countdown to Christmas has truly begun! With less than a month left, may of us are starting to think about getting our homes ready for the arrival of Christmas guests and relatives. So, whether that’s putting up extra beds and getting bedding down from the loft, or making sure that the freezer is stocked with food, one area we tend to forget is the bathroom.

With extra people staying in the house, of course, there’s going to be increased pressure on household appliances, and showers, particularly electric showers, can often struggle if they’re old and getting a bit tired. Electric showers have to work much harder in the winter anyway (the incoming mains water is colder, and it takes more energy to heat it to the desired temperature), so unfortunately this means that shower breakdowns often occur over the winter. During the Christmas break it can be a nightmare to try and buy a replacement shower and then there’s the hassle of getting a plumber in to fit it!


Is your home ready for Christmas?

So if your shower is nearing the end of its life – don’t wait until its too late! Upgrade your shower today and make sure it’s prepared for the onslaught of Christmas guests and relatives.

If you have an older Gainsborough model that’s now obsolete, our replacement shower page should help you find a suitable retro-fit shower. The page lists each shower model with a handy link to each replacement product, all of which are available to buy online with free delivery. There’a also helpful advice about replacing electric showers and what can be involved in reducing or increasing the kilowatt rating.

Image courtesy of Beverly LR

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Kids Back at School? Time To Clean Up!

Well, the summer holidays are now well and truly over – the kids are back at school and already getting ready for harvest festival and thinking about Halloween at the end of the month. So, now that the summer craziness has subsided, don’t let the Back to School Blues get to you – it’s the ideal time to have a good tidy up and complete some of the tasks you weren’t able to do over the summer.

back to school

The bathroom lends itself perfectly to an autumn renovation. After a busy summer of kids running in and out, jumping in the shower to wash off sand and dirt, it’s not difficult for a family bathroom to suffer and be in need of a little TLC. And now the kids are back at school, there are fewer distractions around to allow you to really crack on and get some work done. And what better place to start than with the bathroom shower?

Cold Weather Problems

Autumn is a sensible time to buy new showers. Many older showers tend to struggle in the winter so it makes sense to upgrade before the cold weather kicks in. This is because the incoming water becomes much colder, and as a result, electric shower flow rates will typically decrease as the shower struggles to heat the water to the usual desired temperatures.  If you think your shower is coming to the end of its life, it may be simpler to upgrade now.

Electric Showers – great for all budgets

So, if it’s an electric shower you’re after, you can find some fantastic bargains at the moment that will really make an impact on your bathroom design. Our new range of GSX electric showers currently start from only £79.99 – not likely to blow anyone’s budget. But this is a limited time introductory offer so you’ll need to act fast! Check our website for full details.

The GSX range prides itself on sophisticated gloss white finishes and chrome detailing making them ideal for any style of bathroom – either contemporary or more traditional. There are 3 models available, varying in price and features, so there’s bound to be something to suit every home. Our GSX showers come with 8.5kW engines – our most popular engine size – and every model has four heat settings, adjustable spray patterns, and family friendly height-adjustable rails. All of the features can be found on the Gainsborough website.

Mixer Showers – sophisticated and stylish

Or perhaps you’d prefer a stylish mixer shower for an instant bathroom refresh? We love our Ambassador range of mixer showers – there’s one designed specifically for each type of plumbing system, whether gravity-fed, high-pressure or combi-boiler. And whether you prefer exposed or concealed designs – there’s a style to suit you. What’s more, the Ambassador range is currently on offer – reduced from £152.00 down to £120.00 so snap yours up today!

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Reward a Summer of Sport with a soothing shower

This summer has been a truly epic Summer of Sport – from Euro 2012, Wimbledon and the Tour de France, to the London Olympics and now the Paralympics – we’ve been spoilt with the choice of sport to watch this year. And it seems that our British sporting heroes, such as Sir Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins and Jessica Ennis, have been inspiring more and more of us to get out and about and involved in sport.


And whether you’ve been discovering new cycle routes, heading down to your local stables or joining your local sailing club, there’s one thing that most of us love after an hour or two’s sporting effort – a nice, refreshing shower! We’re celebrating our super summer of sport with our new GSX range – which are currently available at special introductory prices, starting at just £79.99, until 23rd September.

Our new GSX range is perfect for sporty types. Electric showers are instantaneous, heating water on demand at any time of the day – ideal for when you need a quick, refreshing shower. What’s more, each GSX model has 4 heat settings, including a full cold setting which is perfect for the ultimate cool down after doing exercise.

And with easy to use controls – either simple rotary or push buttons depending on the model you choose – there will be no awkward controls to contend with – which must be welcome after spending a couple of hours in the pool or on the bike. Upgrade to the GSX Plus or Deluxe and you’ll also benefit from additional safety features (see our website for full details), although all of the models in the range have low pressure warning indicators.

Each model has a shower head with a choice of 3 spray patterns – meaning you’ll be able to choose the perfect spray for you, depending on how tired you are from your workout!

Find out more about all of our new showers and our introductory offers from our website: www.gainsboroughshowers.co.uk

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Summertime Showering Ideas!

With summer here, at least for the moment, a lot of us are making the most of getting out and about while the sunshine lasts. Whether you choose to spend the day at the beach, give the garden an overhaul, or perhaps head out on the bike, after being inspired by Team GB, you have to agree that there’s nothing like a nice shower afterwards to refresh and revitalise.

children on beach

Whereas showers have previously mostly been used at the beginning and the end of each day, increasingly, showers are being used throughout the day. So it’s becoming more and more important to make sure our showers are easy to use, convenient and energy-efficient – and all for an affordable price tag!

If your criteria are similar to this then your perfect shower could be an electric shower. Gone are the prehistoric white boxes on the wall – today’s electric showers have undergone something of a revolution, and are suited to a wide range of showering scenarios. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new electric shower this summer, we’ve come up with some Top Tips to help you out:

1.) Who will be using the shower? Is it just you, the kids, guests, or simply everyone?

Electric showers work differently to conventional mixer showers in that they place no demand on stored hot water. They simply heat water to your desired temperature as it is required. This makes them perfect for busy households where lots of people may be wanting to take a shower one after another, or in homes where an additional shower would cause too much of a strain on the existing plumbing system. Because they don’t use your stored, hot water, electric showers can be an energy-efficient, cost-effective option too.

2.) Keep it flexible!

If the new shower will be your household’s main shower, make sure that it offers as much flexibility as possible to ensure the entire family. Look for a height-adjustable, multi-mode shower head that can be easily changed to suit each user’s preference. This will keep the whole family happy.

3.) Look for safety features

Your number one priority when choosing a new shower should be safety, especially if children or vulnerable adults will be using it. Electric showers today are much more sophisticated and safety-oriented features come as standard on many models. For example, our new GSX Plus and GSX Deluxe electric showers both include a range of safety features making them superb choices for safer showering. Our phased shutdown, for example, flushes residual hot water from the shower’s heating element after it has been switched off, which makes it safe for the next user. This also reduces limescale build up. The intelligent automatic heat setting on the 2 showers ensures that users are protected from excessively high temperatures. Other safety features include a low pressure indicator, visually reassuring LED ‘power on’ lights, and handsets that emit an audible click to indicate that the spray pattern has been changed.

4.) Check the type of installation

When it comes to the type of installation, this can make a big difference to your needs. Are you buying a completely new shower, or are you replace an existing, older shower. Anyone replacing a shower, it can be fairly simple to find an electric shower that has been specially designed to be as easy as possible to retrofit. A brand new electric shower will need to be fitted by a Part P registered electrician. It’s always best to seek advice before buying a new electric shower.

5.) Make sure it’s easy to use

Look out for showers with simple, push buttons which illuminate when pressed – these are a great visual aid. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than a shower that’s tricky to use when you’ve got slippery hands. Similarly, top-of-the-range showers with LCD displays showing the water temperature, duration and setting selected  are much more affordable than they used to be.

6.) For the best deals – look to the web

There has never been a wider choice of places to buy new showers from, but for the best prices, it’s usually a safe bet to head to the web first. You can benefit from fantastic deals, as well as free delivery in many cases. Buying direct from a manufacturer will give you the peace of mind of a guarantee.

We hope you’ve found our tips useful – now get out in the sunshine while it lasts!

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What is a Thermostatic Shower?

 A lot of the terminology that we use on our website can be confusing – particularly if you’re not used to shower-related terms on a daily basis.

So we’ve come up with a Jargon Buster Glossary that should explain the most commonly used terms. We’ll be adding the full glossary to our website shortly, but for a taster, here are some of the most common questions we get asked about:

What is a Thermostatic Shower?

Thermostatic means the shower has an inbuilt thermostat which compensates for any variations in water temperature and maintains the shower’s temperature should anyone use water elsewhere in the house. Thermostatic showers are ideal for busy households, and are particularly useful for children and the elderly. Take a look at our thermostatic mixer showers to find out what we can offer.

What is a PRD?

A PRD (Pressure Relief Device) is a safety device which is fitted to all electric showers to prevent excess pressure building up. The PRD is designed to open should the pressure get too high. You can find the correct PRD for your electric shower from our parts store.

What Exactly are Digital Showers?

On a digital shower, instead of a valve controlling the shower, a digital processor controls the water flow and temperature. The processor is stored away from the shower (either in the loft, airing cupboard or under the bath). Digital showers are simple to use with one button operation and illuminate when the shower water temperature is ready. Unpumped versions are suitable for combi and high-pressure systems, and pumped are suitable for gravity-fed systems. Take a look at our range of digital showers to find out more.

Keep your eyes peeled for the glossary coming soon!

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Give Your Bathroom A Facelift With A New Electric Shower

You may have seen in our recent posts that we’ve just launched our brand new GSX electric shower collection. We think these stylish showers are perfect for bathroom facelifts and refurbishments. And with our new showers starting at only £79.99 (until 23rd September 2012), so even if you’re on a tight budget, a smartened-up bathroom could be only a few clicks away.

Most of us would love to give our bathrooms a facelift (it’s one of the most popular rooms on wish lists), but as we all know, small jobs can easily escalate into large (and expensive) work. One thing that doesn’t have to cost the earth is your new shower, and it can really make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom.

If you’re replacing an electric shower, you may find that one of our GSX range is a perfect replacement. A qualified plumber and/or electrician should find a straightforward replacement simple and fuss-free. If you’re installing a brand new shower, you will need a Part P registered electrician to fit the shower.

Electric showers can be a great choice for anyone looking for a ‘greener’ option. Unlike a conventional mixer shower that relies upon a reserve of stored hot water, electric showers only heat water as it is required. It also means that should there ever be a problem with your boiler, your shower will not be affected.

Like with any big purchase for your home, it’s important to spend a little bit of time to think about who will be using the shower and what their requirements are. For example, if the shower is for a family bathroom, you’ll want something that’s easy to use and is as safe as possible:

GSX Plus – Great For Families

Something like the GSX Plus would be ideal for a family bathroom – it has illuminated push buttons which are easy to use, and provide instant feedback. It also has some key safety features to provide peace of mind – the intelligent automatic heating setting switch down ensures no-one will shower at excessively high temperatures (essential for children and vulnerable users) – and the phased shut-down safety feature flushes residual hot water from the system once the shower is switched off, making sure the next user is protected from a hot water ‘spike’. These features mean that everyone from the kids to visiting parents and in-laws can shower safely and with reassurance.

GSX Plus Shower

GSX Plus Shower

Plus, the adjustable height rail means the shower head can be moved to suit all members of the family – from the biggest to the smallest! The introductory price for the GSX Plus is £99.99.

GSX Deluxe – Ideal For Bathroom Upgrades

Are you looking for a bit more luxury in your bathroom? While it may be our top-of-the-range shower, the GSX Deluxe will by no means blow your budget. Until 23rd September, the GSX Deluxe is priced at £119.99, and you get a lot for your money! An LCD screen features a multi-function display including the shower temperature, duration and heat setting. The display will also indicate if the water pressure drops or there are any other error messages. The chrome handset has three spray patterns, to allow the user to pick a pattern to suit their mood – whether it’s a 60 second shower before heading off to work, or something a little more relaxing to wind down at the end of the day.

GSX Deluxe Shower

GSX Deluxe Shower

GSX – Best For Those On A Budget

If you want to upgrade your bathroom, but only have a limited budget, the GSX shower, could be the perfect choice for you. Although it is the basic model in our new range, its features are by no means basic! From 4 heat settings (including a full cold setting – perfect for a hot summer’s day or after exercise), to a low pressure warning light indicator and 3-spray shower head, the GSX is a great investment at only £79.99 until 23rd September.

GSX Shower

GSX Shower

All of our GSX showers are available with an 8.5 kW engine, which is our most popular engine size across all of our electric shower ranges, and they each come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee – to give you complete peace of mind. They’re all finished in a combination of stylish white and chrome to complement all types of bathrooms – whether contemporary or traditional.

Guarantee and Reassurance

Although these days it’s possible to pick up an electric shower when you’re out shopping for groceries, we still believe it makes sense to buy from a specialist manufacturer (like us!). As well as offering the best deals (we only sell online to keep our prices low), as well as free next working day delivery, and we can also offer guarantees as well as technical aftersales support. Our website also has some fantastic troubleshooting advice if you ever encounter a problem with your shower.

So, hopefully we’ve made your life a little easier now, and choosing the perfect electric shower should be a breeze! But if you do need any more advice, take a look at our website – it’s packed full of useful information.

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