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Iranian Man Avoids Showers for 60 Years!

A man in Iran has gone 60 years without having a shower. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he also smokes animal faeces(?) and dines on rotten animal carcasses, especially porcupines. Amazingly, he is single, but he’s looking for love. Get in line ladies….


The eighty-year-old is called Amou Haji (which is a term of affection in Farsi used by women and children) and he lives in a hole in Dejgah village, a southern province in Iran. He has avoided showers for 60 years claiming that being clean will bring him sickness. He has escaped when people have tried to shower him in the past.  Haji has beaten the record of 66-year-old Indian man Kailash Singh, who has reportedly gone 38 years without having a shower.

To trim his hair, Haji burns it over fire, and he checks his appearance occasionally by looking in the side mirrors of passing cars. He says his eccentric lifestyle is down to emotional setbacks that happened in his youth. But he has achieved fame at least, as the world’s dirtiest man!



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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ridiculous Shower Demands

This could be the funniest shower-related story we’ve read all year….

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow apparently demands that when using the shower at a gym she co-owns, that all previous users’ water be dried off.  According to an insider, she refuses to touch what she calls “somebody else’s shower water”, Life & Style Magazine reported.

If this story is true, we think it’s brilliant, and maybe even opens a market up for self-drying showers for over-demanding celebrities?! Who knows?

Somehow, however, despite being clearly a bit crackers (she did name her daughter Apple, after all), we think even this is a step too far for Gwynnie.

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Spooky Shower Curtains!

In celebration of Halloween, one of our favourite times of the year, we’ve selected some of our favourites Halloween-themed shower curtains. So, if you’re planning a party and want your entire home to look as authentic and scary as possible, make sure you think about decorating every room – even the bathroom!

Your guests will have a shock when they nip to the bathroom to be faced with one of these…

Taking inspiration from Hitchcock’s Psycho film, these bloody handprints will have your guests checking behind the curtain in fear!

Available from I Want One of Those.

This next curtain goes one step further – it shows a silhouette of a man with a knife and blood stains all over. What’s more, this shower curtain actually plays the music from the famous Psycho film along with a terrorizing scream! If you don’t want a long queue for the bathroom, this is the curtain for your party – your guests won’t want to hang around for long!

Psycho Shower Curtain

Available from CoolestGadgets.com.

For something a little less scary, but fun all the same, this pumpkin-themed shower curtain has all the essence of Halloween but without the fright.

Pumpkin Shower Curtain

Available from eCRATER.

Any fans of Night of the Living Dead will love this zombie attack curtain!

Available from cafe press.

Looking to add an air of mystery to your Halloween party? Then how about this shower curtain with the famous Surgeon’s  Photograph of the Loch Ness Monster?

Loch Ness Monster Shower Curtain

Available from cafe press.

And finally, something a little more light-hearted that the kids are sure to love, a witch flying her broomstick with her cat perched on the end.

Witch Shower Curtain

Available from cafe press.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Tip of the Day: Don’t Shower With Your Medal!

This summer our eyes are all glued to our TVs as we watch our favourite sporting heroes compete for the chance to become Olympic heroes.

And of course, once that elusive medal has been won – do you really blame the athletes for not wanting to take them off, even in the shower?

One such athlete, 23 year old Brazilian Felipe Kitadai, who won bronze in the -60kg Judo category, was so excited about his victory that he didn’t want to take his medal off at all. In fact, he took a shower with the medal on and dropped it (we’re thinking – slippery hands?) and he later realised that it was broken when he was about to get into bed, you’ve guessed it, with the medal in tow. He saw there was some damage at the top when the ribbon loops through a hoop.

Officials have now agreed to replace the medal after a few hasty phone calls and apologies. Our advice to other winning athletes? Maybe take your prize off before you step into the shower…

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Crazy Bathroom Accessories

We see a lot of strange bathroom related products on our travels through the world wide web. Seeing as it’s a lovely, sunny, Friday, we’d like to share some of the more wacky ones with you today….

moss mat

This moss bathroom mat is apparently designed to ‘connect you to nature’ – with the combination of the running water of the shower and the feel of soft moss underfoot. As you step out of the shower, the soft mat is supposed to be the ideal massage of the acupuncture points situated on the sole of the foot. The moss actually grows over time, the humidity from the bathroom providing the perfect conditions for it, and will stay green for several months.  The mat costs around €80.00 and is available from HoO design.

Here is another weird, and, if we’re honest, slightly disgusting product, a Nose Gel dispenser:

Nose Gel Dispenser

It’s meant as a joke addition to the bathroom to make shower-time fun for children and adults with a, slightly childish, sense of humour!

This one has quite a useful purpose:

Shower notepad

So when those moments of inspiration come to you in the shower, you’ll have somewhere to write them!

Finally, this last product is rather cool:

iPod toilet roll

For anyone who can’t live without their iPod or iPhone, you’re now able to take to the bathroom with you. You can now sing along to your favourite songs in the shower – you can even create a special playlist!

The last 3 product images are courtesy of http://www.oddee.com

Happy Friday!

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Wonder Dog Saves Owner Who Slips In The Shower

I read a lovely story this week about a Yorkshire Terrier, named Louis, who saved his owner after she collapsed in the shower.

Little Louis (look at him below, cute!) was trained by his owner, Victoria Shaw, to call for assistance in emergencies. Mrs Shaw is registered disabled and carries a panic alarm with her. She trained Louis to press the button, but it had always been a game. This time, Louis had to act for real.

Louis the Wonder Dog

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

When Mrs Shaw came out of her shower, she tripped on a rug, fell and hit her head. When she came to, Louis was right by her side and she could hear the voice of Telecare operative Sarah McLoughlin. Sarah called an ambulance and stayed on the line to reassure Mrs Shaw. Sarah asked who raised the alarm and they realised it must’ve been Louis. What a clever little dog! Luckily she was only left with a headache and dizziness, nothing too serious.

And to continue the dog/shower/water theme for today, here are some wonderful photos of dogs swimming underwater from amazing photographer Seth Casteel (you may have seen some of these online already, they’ve been a huge success).

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs 3

Underwater Dogs 4

Underwater Dogs 5

Underwater Dogs 6All photos courtesy of Seth Casteel

Happy Friday everyone!

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Is This The World’s Scariest Bathroom?

Now, we’ve seen some scary bathrooms in our time… but nothing compares to this luxury penthouse bathroom in Guadalajara, Mexico. The bathroom is at the top of a 1970s colonial building in a penthouse designed by architects Hernandez Silva Arquitecto.

While the penthouse living space itself is completely as you would expect, the bathroom just happens to be situated at the top of an unused 15-storey lift shaft. Oh, and the architects decided to give the bathroom a glass floor meaning anyone using the room can see right down to the bottom of the shaft! 

Scary bathroom

We hope that glass is reinforced!

For most people, the thought of dangling over a vast lift shaft is terrifying enough, but it’s something that the owners of the penthouse will have to endure every day. While they carry out simple everyday tasks, such as using the toilet or brushing their teeth, they will be able to look right down through the glass floor to the bottom of the 15 floor shaft.

The empty shaft was originally intended to be a second lift for the building, but when it was never installed, the architects used the opportunity to add a bathroom at the top – and quite possibly the world’s most terrifying bathroom!

Scary Bathroom

This bathroom doesn’t do much encourage the 2 minute brushing time recommended by dentists!

We hope your visits to the bathroom are not so scary – Happy Friday everyone!

Images courtesy of London Media.

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Do Cats Like Showers?

We all love cat videos. Be honest, you could spend all day watching them couldn’t you?

How about a cat taking a shower under a bathroom sink?

Of course you want to watch it, and here it is:

The common misconception is that cats dislike water, but this video seems to prove otherwise. Or perhaps this cat is just slightly odd.

Do you have cats, or any other pets? Do they like to have showers?

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What Do You Think About In The Shower?

Seeing as it’s Friday again, here are some funny shower-related comics and tweets we’ve stumbled across over the past couple of weeks…

Is this you?

Shower Routine
We definitely admit to the singing part, although, anyone who takes 46 minute showers seriously needs to reassess their water usage! Credit to Undeclared Comics for this one.

Another comic posted on Twitter recently by @hesgeunine in response to hashtag trend #WhyDontYou was:

#WhyDontYou admit that this is how you take your shower 😉

shower comic

Slightly less complex than the first comic, but again suggesting that the majority of showering time is not spent washing, but pondering the mysteries of the universe….

…And finally

Best Shower-Related Tweet

“Showers are amazing. They make you feel nice & clean, make you sound like a professional singer, & help you make all of life’s decisions”

Thank you @MrEpicMind for that one. We completely agree!

What do you think about when you’re in the shower? Do you have any shower-ponderings of your own to share? Add a comment to this post, we’d love to hear them!


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Crazy Shower Caps!

Shower caps are funny things. Many of us have them – they play an essential role in keeping our hair dry when we need to have a shower but don’t necessarily want to wash our hair, yet they have this reputation of being slightly old-fashioned and ‘un-cool’. Well, no longer do shower caps have to be boring, embarrassing items that you keep hidden away in the bathroom.

While doing some online research, we came across a website selling novelty shower caps, which are sure to brighten up even the earliest of morning showers.

This funky shower cap featuring a Hippy Chick theme is a particular favourite in our office:

What’s your favourite? Check out the whole range at http://dillydaydream.com/

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