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13 for 2013 [Part Two]

Welcome to Part 2 of our 13 for 2013 posts. In this post, we’ll go through the last few features of our website, starting with…

8.) New Showers

In our opinion, this is the most exciting part of our website. It’s where we list all of our latest shower models. Currently, our new GSX electric showers are featured, but later this year we’ll be adding lots more new models and we can’t wait! Our product team are currently busy planning the new releases, and as soon as they’re launched you’ll find them on the New Showers pages. We always link through to the individual product pages from this page to allow our customers to find out more information and buy if they wish.

9.) Next Working Day Delivery

We deliver all of our showers and spare parts to UK customers completely free of charge. Small spare parts are sent via Royal Mail First Class service, while large parts (such as engines) and showers are delivered by courier on the next working day (when ordered before 2pm).

10.) Register Your Guarantee

For complete peace of mind, customers who buy a Gainsborough shower can register their guarantee online quickly and easily. There’s a handy button on our homepage, and there’s also a link within the Advice Centre.

11.) Shower Articles

To provide our customers with interesting and informative we’ve added several shower articles on our site. These articles are designed to help our customer in their search to buy a new shower, and they range from explaining the differences between electric and mixer showers to the pros and cons of different shower types.

12.) Installation Guides

Our showers are all supplied with an Installation Guide, but in case the hard copy gets misplaced, we’ve added downloadable PDFs onto our website. These shower installation guides can all be found within the Advice Centre

13.) About Us – History

Did you know that Gainsborough Showers has been established for over forty years? The About Our History section explains the varied heritage of the company from its humble beginnings back in 1972. It makes interesting reading for anyone curious about how Gainsborough Showers has evolved over the years.

So, that concludes our 13 helpful website features for 2013. We hope you enjoyed our 2-part series.


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13 for 2013! [Part One]

Seeing as we’re in a brand New Year (although, almost at the end of the first month – where did January go?) we thought it would be a nice idea to explain 13 of the most helpful features on our websiteWhile 13 might be unlucky for some, we think it’s the perfect number. Our ultimate mission is to make buying a shower online quick, simple and painless. And to make sure we achieve that mission, we know that we need to have a brilliant website!

Gainsborough Website

This post will explain the first 7 features. Look out for Part Two which will go through the final 6 features.

1.) The Shower Store

We consider the Shower Store to be the heart of our website. It’s where we list all of our current ranges of showers, whether electric, mixer or  digital. We have made it easy for our customers to break down the categories even further by price, colour (for electrics) and home water system (for mixers) depending on which criteria are important. On each product page we have added plenty of detail to allow users to make an informed purchasing decision. So, that includes all features, as well as technical information such as water entry points as well as minimum and maximum pressure. We also display suggested alternative products at the bottom of each product page in case the current product is not quite suitable. Once the decision has been made, it’s a straightforward process to add the shower to the basket and complete the checkout process. And of course, all showers on our website are delivered free of charge.

2.) Help Me Choose

Now, while the Shower Store is definitely the heart of the site, the Help Me Choose function will be the starting point for many users. Help Me Choose has designed for customers who are not quite sure where to start. It will help them determine whether they want a mixer or an electric shower. For those who would like a mixer shower, the feature will help them work out which type of hot water system they have, if they are unsure. Once the type of shower has been determined, users will be directed to the relevant product listings with the Shower Store.

3.) Shower FAQs

Although many of our customers come to our website to buy a new shower, we have some current customers who may require some assistance. Our Shower FAQs have been devised by our knowledgeable Customer Service team to ensure that they contain the most appropriate advice. To keep things clear, the FAQs are separated into three sections: Electric Shower FAQs, Mixer Shower FAQs and General FAQs. On each page, users can find the solutions to some of the most commonly asked questions. We know this feature is particularly handy when the customer service department is closed. On every page, there is the option to contact us, whether by phone or email, should customers require further assistance.

4.) Parts Store

In addition to customers buying new showers and seeking advice, the Gainsborough website is also used as a spare parts store. If a part needs replacing, or the shower needs a refresh with a new hose or shower head, it’s very simple to find the relevant part and purchase. Customers can either browse by their shower model and then select the part from an exploded diagram, or alternatively type the part code into the search bar to be taken to the correct listing. Any customers that are unsure about their shower model can use the helpful Find Your Shower tool. Once the part has been selected, it is a simple process to add it the basket and complete the purchase. As with all showers, all spare parts come with free delivery.

5.) Shower Glossary

Our shower glossary is a relatively new addition to the website. It’s designed to help customers with some of the tricky technical terms that may be a bit confusing. At the moment, the Glossary can be found in the Advice Centre, but we plan to add a handy link in the future from each Product Page to make it easier to find (we’re nice like that).

6.) Replace an Old Model

If you have an older Gainsborough shower which is nearing the end of its life; and instead of buying a spare part you’d rather buy a brand new shower, then the Replace an Old Model page should be your first port of call. This page lists all of our older, now obsolete models, and suggests the best retro-fit replacement showers. Each suggestion conveniently links through to the respective Product Page too.

7.) Blog!

Yes, it’s this blog in position 7! Since it’s launch in February 2012 (almost 1 year old!), our blog has significantly increased in popularity, and continues to grow month on month. It’s now a valuable information and advice source for anyone interested in Gainsborough Showers – both current and potential new customers. We love to hear from you, so don’t be afraid to leave us a comment on any of our posts. And did you know it’s possible to receive this blog directly to your inbox? Sign up today and you’ll never have to come looking for us! A recent addition to our blog is the Twitter stream which features our latest tweets. And if you’re on Twitter, make sure you come and follow us @GainsShowers.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!

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We’ve Got A Shiny NEW Electric Shower Range!

We’ve just launched a brand new range of electric showers for 2012, and we’re very excited about it – we can’t wait to tell you all about our GSX Range! The range comprises 3 brand new showers, (so there’s a choice to suit all budgets) and they’re exclusively available to order from us online. Plus,  for a limited time only, we’re offering these showers from £79.99 – so make sure you snap one up before the offer runs out!*

The GSX range offers 3 choices – the GSX, GSX Plus and GSX Deluxe. Standard on each of the showers are the following features:

  • Four temperature settings (including a full COLD setting – perfect for hot summer days or after exercise);
  • A low-pressure warning indicator (helpful, should there be any water supply issues);
  • Complete with an adjustable height, 3 spray pattern handset (providing comfort for the whole family).
GSX Shower

The GSX Shower

Upgrade to the GSX Plus or Deluxe, and you’ll be rewarded with some rather sophisticated features, (if we do say so ourselves!) which we’ll explain later on in the post.

So, Why Go Electric?

Electric showers are great for all types of installations – new or replacement showers. Installations are usually straightforward when replacing an old shower, but if you are upgrading or downgrading the power rating or installing a brand new shower, make sure your shower is installed by a Part P registered electrician.

Electric showers do not rely on your home’s stored hot water supply, meaning they can be an energy and cost efficient option. They heat water on demand, meaning that they’re ideal for a second or en-suite bathroom and will not deplete your hot water reserve.

And there’s also peace of mind with our GSX range – they’re all safe and easy to use for the whole family. With either simple push buttons (GSX Plus and Deluxe) or rotary controls (GSX), it’s easy to choose one of the 4 heat settings available. Enhanced controls on the GSX Plus (LED illumination) and the GSX Deluxe (LCD display) provide visual feedback for more assured showering.  


We think the new GSX handsets are also pretty cool – each model has a three spray, multi-mode handset supplied, allowing you to choose a spray pattern to suit your mood. Whether you want a refreshing shower to wake you up first thing in the morning, or something a little more relaxing before bedtime, there’ll be a spray pattern to suit. Depending on which model you go for, you’ll have either a white or chrome handset to complement your shower.

GSX Handset

GSX Handset

GSX Deluxe Handset

GSX Deluxe Handset



The GSX range has been designed and styled to complement any type of bathroom – whether contemporary or traditional. Each of the showers is finished in stylish, bright white with chrome and white detailing, depending on the model. Plus, all GSX showers come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee as well as FREE next working day delivery!

GSX Plus Shower

The GSX Plus Shower

GSX Deluxe Shower

The GSX Deluxe Shower


Gainsborough GSX Electric Shower – Perfect For Those On A Budget

Gainsborough’s robust new GSX electric shower is a great choice for new and replacement installations. Its rotary style controls couldn’t be easier to use, whilst its LED ‘power on’ button and low pressure warning light ensures safe showering for all.

  • 4 heat settings – including a full cold setting
  • Easy-glide, rotary controls to adjust heat settings
  • 8.5kW power unit – our most popular engine size
  • LED light indicates power on – visual reassurance
  • Low pressure warning light
  • Adjustable height shower rail and 3 spray handset
  • Audible ‘click’ on handset clearly identifies change from one spray pattern to another
  • Finished in white with white/chrome riser rail and white handset
  • 2 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee
  • Introductory Offer Price £79.99*

Gainsborough GSX Plus Electric Shower – The Ideal Family Shower

User-friendly features, such as the illuminated push button controls, intelligent automatic heat setting switch and intelligent phased shutdown, mean that Gainsborough’s new GSX Plus is perfect for family bathrooms. The GSX Plus will automatically switch to a lower heat setting if an excessively high heat setting is selected. Meanwhile, unpleasant, hot water ‘hangovers’ are eliminated, thanks to the GSX Plus’ phased shutdown: hot water left over at the end of a shower is flushed from the element as soon as the shower is turned off – ensuring the next user doesn’t receive a burst of hot water and also helping to reduce limescale build-up.

  • In addition to GSX Electric Shower features:
  • Intelligent, automatic heat setting switch – prevents excessively high heat from being selected
  • Phased shut-down safety feature
  • Memory setting – if the GSX Deluxe is not isolated from the electricity supply after use, it will use its most recent heat setting
  • Finished in white with a white/chrome riser rail and chrome handset
  • Introductory Offer Price £89.99*

Gainsborough GSX Deluxe Electric Shower – For Those Who Like A Little Luxury

For electric showering luxury, look no further than our new GSX Deluxe. In addition to the standard features, including heat settings with simple to use, push button controls, an intelligent automatic heat setting switch, which prevents a dangerously high heat setting being selected, an intelligent phased shut-down feature – flushing hot water from the shower’s element to avoid unpleasant hot water ‘hangovers’ – the GSX Deluxe benefits from a crystal clear, easy to understand LCD display.

  • In addition to GSX Plus Electric Shower features:
  • Illuminated LCD display that indicates actual shower’s temperature**, shower duration, active heat setting, power on, low pressure warning indicator and error messages
  • Finished in white with a chrome rail and coordinated, chrome handset
  • Introductory Offer Price £119.99*

* Introductory Offer runs until 23rd September 2012.

** Please note: the actual temperature will be shown approximately 2°C higher than at handset.

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Gainsborough Showers – Now On Twitter!

We’re now on Twitter – please come and follow us @GainsShowers

We hope to see you soon!

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