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Interesting Facts About Showers [Infographic]

Today is World Water Way, and to raise awareness of water usage, we have posted a fascinating infographic about showering.

In the UK, around 68% of household water is used in the bathroom – mostly in toilet flushing and showers and baths.

We also found the Men vs Women statistics particularly interesting.

For example, 70% of men shower daily compared to 57% of women, however, 64% of women think about to-do lists in the shower compared to 48% of men. So does this mean that women are too busy to shower everyday? And when they do, they are still thinking about other tasks to do? This may be why they tend to shower for 2 minutes longer than men.

Have a read through and leave a comment to let us know what you think…

[Via: What are your showering habits?]


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How do electric showers work?

For many of us, electric showers are a part of our everyday lives. They may be the first thing we use in the morning, or perhaps the last thing at night. But although your electric shower may be an important part of your daily routine, do you actually know how it works? Knowing the basics about electric showers can help you know what to do should anything ever going wrong.

The first point to note about electric showers is that they work independently of your hot water system and boiler. This means that should your boiler ever fail you’ll still be able to have a hot shower. This is because electric showers connect directly to the mains cold water supply and heat this water instantly on demand. Electric showers are therefore good for busy households as there is no chance that the hot water will run out. They are also good for households that have low hot water pressure, providing the mains pressure is adequate.

White Electric Shower

Almost any household can have an electric shower fitted, regardless of the hot water system. The cold mains water that is fed into the unit passes over a heating element and is heated up before being delivered through the shower head. An easy way to understand it is to think of the shower working in a similar way to a kettle, if a little bit more sophisticated!

The temperature of water selected by the user will affect the flow of water that is delivered. For example, the colder the water selected is, the more powerful the flow will be. This is because the water will need to spend less time passing over the heating element therefore resulting in a more powerful flow. Conversely, the hotter the temperature selected, the longer time the water will take to be heated by the element, and therefore the resulting flow of water will be lower. This is why the flow of water will always be lower when a high temperature is selected.

Satin Chrome Electric Shower

To combat lower flow rates, electric showers are available with different engine sizes. The engines are measured by kilowatt ratings, and the most commonly available sizes are 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW. The higher the kilowatt rating, the more powerful the flow of the water will be as the engine has more power to heat it. Higher kilowatt showers will use more energy, however, resulting in higher running costs.

When installing an electric shower, a Part P registered electrician may be required to assess and carry out any electrical work. This is particularly important when replacing an old shower and upgrading or downgrading the kilowatt rating as it may be necessary to change the electrical cabling.

So, now you’ve found out how they work, why not browse our great range of electric showers to find the perfect one for you?


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Fun Friday Shower Facts

For a fun Friday post, here are a few silly facts from the world of showers to get you through the rest of the afternoon….

The World’s Most Expensive Shower
You’ll be surprised how much it costs to keep clean these days! British women spend an average of £653.64 on beauty products each year (that’s more than £43,000 in a lifetime!) yet that’s nothing in comparison to the most expensive shower ever made. Silver Tag Showers  reportedly have a shower on sale for around $100,000. For this, you’ll get an array of touch screen panels which control 18 showerheads, water temperature and flow. There are different  settings for relax, relief, tonic and shape.  For that sort of money, we’d expect the shower to wash, dry and get us dressed afterwards!

The World’s Longest Shower
Unbelievably, the person who broke this record, spent an amazing 340 hours and 40 minutes in the shower. To make things even more amazing, the champion who broke this record was called Kevin “Catfish” McCarthy.

Most People Showering at Once
A new world record for the most people to shower simultaneously at a single venue was only made last year on Bournemouth beach where 152 people shared a shower. The participants braved chilly UK conditions to cram under a 6 metre shower in bikinis and swimming trunks to narrowly beat the previous record of 142 which was set in 2009 in Chicago, Illinois.

Happy Friday everyone!

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