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New GT Mixer Shower Range!

While the sun was thinking about whether to come out or not for summer, we were busy working on expanding our portfolio of products, and now, just in time for the sunshine, we’ve just launched our brand new GT mixer shower range!

Comprising of 5 new thermostatic mixer showers, ranging from bar showers to dual headed showers, our GT range starts at just £99.99 for the entry level GT250. All of these mixer showers are universal, meaning they can be used in any water system – gravity-fed, combi boiler or high-pressure.

We’ll now take you through each model and explain the features and benefits…

GT250 – Entry level bar shower: £99.99

The GT250 bar mixer shower is a fantastic option for everyday showering – combining modern looks with precision thermostatic performance. A quality brass-bodied bar valve finished in stylish chrome means that the GT250 would complement all different types of bathroom decor. Handy features include an adjustable height shower head to enable the whole family to shower in comfort, rub clean nozzles on the shower head, and a maximum temperature override button to provide extra peace of mind when selecting higher temperatures. The models is an ideal replacement bar shower for any bar valves with standard ¾” connectors at 150mm centres.

GT250 Bar Mixer Shower: £99.99

GT250 Bar Mixer Shower: £99.99

GT350 – Luxury bar shower: £129.99

Upgrade to the GT350 luxury bar shower and you’ll have a whole host of additional features. The valve itself is much sleeker and stylish, the shower hose is deluxe easy-clean chrome and the three spray shower head enables each user to choose a spray pattern to suit them. The shower rail is much longer, at 600mm and the adjustable fixing brackets make replacing a bar shower much easier as the rail fixing can be adjusted to cover exisitng holes.

GT350 Bar Mixer Shower: £129.99

GT350 Bar Mixer Shower: £129.99

GT450 – Dual head bar shower: £199.99

Our top of the range bar mixer shower, the GT450 bar mixer shower has two shower heads an 180mm drencher head and an adjustable head, and an integrated diverter – allowing you to switch between the two heads with ease. The prolong the life of the deluxe chrome shower hose, there’s a handy anti-swivel hose connector. Plus, a temperature override button provides extra peace of mind when selecting higher temperatures.

GT450 Dual Head Bar Mixer Shower: £199.99

GT450 Dual Head Bar Mixer Shower: £199.99

GT550 – Exposed chrome shower & GT650 – Concealed chrome shower

There are two other new mixer showers in the GT range – the GT550 exposed valve and the GT650 concealed valve – for customers who prefer a concentric valve over a bar valve. The GT550 exposed mixer shower is suited to customers who want to quickly and simply replace an older shower, and the GT650 concealed mixer shower which would be a great choice for bathroom refurbishments and any customers with smaller showering enclosures.

GT550 Exposed Mixer Shower: £199.99

GT550 Exposed Mixer Shower: £199.99

GT650 Concealed Mixer Shower: £199.99

GT650 Concealed Mixer Shower: £199.99

All five new mixer showers are available on our website now!


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Friday Poll

It’s time for our latest Friday Poll!

This week, we’d like to know how many showers you have in your home.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Interesting Facts About Showers [Infographic]

Today is World Water Way, and to raise awareness of water usage, we have posted a fascinating infographic about showering.

In the UK, around 68% of household water is used in the bathroom – mostly in toilet flushing and showers and baths.

We also found the Men vs Women statistics particularly interesting.

For example, 70% of men shower daily compared to 57% of women, however, 64% of women think about to-do lists in the shower compared to 48% of men. So does this mean that women are too busy to shower everyday? And when they do, they are still thinking about other tasks to do? This may be why they tend to shower for 2 minutes longer than men.

Have a read through and leave a comment to let us know what you think…

[Via: What are your showering habits?]

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14% of UK Homes Don’t Have A Shower

We recently read a report published by AMA Research and found out that 86% of UK homes have at least one shower. That means that 14% of homes in the UK don’t have a shower. This got us thinking about how popular showers have become in the UK, and how today they’re just part of our everyday lives which we don’t really think about. So we decided to do some investigation into the history of showers. We wondered…

Where did showers come from originally?

Who designed the first showers?

How did people wash in the past?

And we found some interesting results. So interesting in fact, that we created a bright and colourful infographic (see below).

Here are some of the key findings:

  • In the UK, 86% of homes have at least one shower [Source: AMA Research] [Tweet This]
  • 30% of UK homes have 2 or more showers [Source: AMA Research] [Tweet This]
  • The average person in the UK spends 8 minutes in the shower [Source: BBC News] [Tweet This]
  • An average shower uses 62 litres of water, compared to 80 litres in a bath [Source: BBC News] [Tweet This]

In terms of the history of showers, we found these interesting facts…!

  • The first showers known to man were Waterfalls! #Natural [Tweet This]
  • The Ancient Greeks designed the first proper showers using aqueducts #Innovative [Tweet This]
  • During the Black Death, almost 1/3 of Europe’s population died – partly due to a lack of cleanliness #Shocking [Tweet This]
  • The First ‘Designer Shower’ was called The English Regency #Snazzy [Tweet This]
  • Electric Showers were originally called Tankless Water Heaters #InventiveName! [Tweet This]

You can read the entire infographic below. We’d love you to share it with your readers. If you would like to, please copy and paste the following code to add it to your site:

<img title=”The History of Showers – Infographic” alt=”The History of Showers – Infographic” src=”http://www.gainsboroughshowers.co.uk/upload/Infographics/HistoryofShowers.jpg” width=”574″ height=”3492″ border=”0″/>
[Source: <a href=”http://www.gainsboroughshowers.co.uk/”>Gainsborough Showers</a>]

The History of Showers


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Do you ever work in the bathroom?

Apparently 5% of UK home workers do!

A survey of 1,000 office workers conducted by online and remote meetings software company TeamViewer has uncovered some of the ‘working from home’ habits of UK workers.

Interestingly, most of the respondents (68%) would like to work from home, and a massive 78% would prefer more flexible working arrangements, and said this would boost job satisfaction in the absence of pay increases. Half of those surveyed would like to travel less for work.

Of those that do work from home, either occasionally or frequently, there were some strange locations revealed – with 14% choosing to work in the garden, 13% in bed, 7% while cooking, and 5% admitted to having done work whilst in the bathroom, but presumably not when showering?! Although, perhaps this 5% do count showering as working, as it’s usually in the shower when moments of inspiration tend to strike!

Photo by Tim Marman

Another interesting revelation was that only one-third said they always showered before starting work from home, yet 36% make sure to take tea breaks at the same time each day when working from home. It shows that while the locations may be slightly unusual, home workers like to keep routine whether working in the office or from home.

How about you? Do you ever work in the shower or bathroom?

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The Benefits of Warm Showers

Taking showers of temperatures between 35 – 40 degrees have been shown to have significant health benefits. Not only does it feel great to have a lovely, warm, shower, it can also do wonders for your muscles, joints and overall body condition. Here are some of the benefits of warm showers:

Cleanse the Skin

This is the primary reason for taking warm showers. Hot water and steam open the pores on your skin making it easier to clean them of dirt and impurities. Following a warm shower with a cold rinse afterwards will close the pores and refresh your skin.

Improve your Circulation

Warm water has shown benefits for treating muscular and joint pain – often associated with arthritis and muscle strains. The warm temperature of the water can stimulate blood flow and circulation whilst also loosening muscles, tendons and joints to ease pain and reduce inflammation. A hot shower will not cure the problem completely, but spending 5 minutes under warm water will have some positive effects, plus it’s cheaper and more convenient than a massage and more holistic than some medical treatments.

Stress Relief

Taking a warm shower for 10 minutes will calm you down, relax your body and distress your mind – perfect if you’re suffering from stress or having a bad day. Taking a warm shower before bedtime can also help aid sleep, and is a good idea for anyone suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep. Adding lavender oil can also help aid benefits as it is a natural relaxant.

Using essential oils can help to create a ‘spa-like’ feel to your bathroom

Cold & Cough Relief

Steam can have a positive effect on colds, coughs and sore throats as it loosens phlegm and mucus that can cause discomfort. The additional of essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, to your skin can help you breathe more easily. A hot shower can also help to relieve body aches that can be associated with illness.

Sleep Problems & Insomnia

A warm shower before bedtime can do wonders for helping encourage sleep. The warm water and steam can help to induce your body into sleep mode by altering your body temperature. After warming yourself in the shower, your body temperature will start to cool down after you enter your bedroom. This change in body temperature incites drowsiness and will help you fall asleep much easier. In addition, the feeling of being clean and refreshed will make you more relaxed and help you to sleep better. Regularly taking warm showers before bed will condition your body into a bedtime routine. Make sure that your shower is warm rather than too hot. Hot showers can actually increase your metabolic rate and rather than relax you, this will energize you.

So, next time you’re feeling stressed-out or run-down, head towards the shower!

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Organise Your Shower Clutter!

Have you taken a look at your shower enclosure lately? Is it more ‘Clutter-full’ rather than ‘Beautiful’? (sorry)

Typical shower cubicles are only a few square feet big, so why waste what precious space you have with clutter? If you need some inspiration, head to your nearest bathroom showroom to take a look at how the professionals display and store their showering essentials.

De-clutter your shower!
Although we use them to wash everyday, shower areas often get neglected when it comes to de-cluttering.

Check all of the shampoo and shower gel bottles you have – throw away any that are empty, or make a concerted effort to use up the last of any product in the bottles. Do you have any duplicated products? Get rid of anything unused and have only the regularly used products on display. Use this opportunity to have a good clean up as well. Do you really use that old sponge? That’s right, throw it away. Now let’s evaluate what storage options you can have…
Shower Space Saving Ideas

Shower Caddies
Shower caddies are great space-saving features, and are also easy to install as well as being affordable. Shower caddies come in plenty of shapes and sizes and usually have space to store shampoo bottles, soaps, and shaving accessories. Some are designed to fit into corners of rooms to maximise space if your shower enclosure is in the corner of the room. Look for one that won’t rust and is adjustable, like this simplehuman model, which is available from Tesco.

Shower Caddy

Shower caddies that hang over the door are also exceptionally handy at creating storage whilst not taking up at lot of space. They’re also ridiculously easy to install! This is a typical stainless steel model:

Over the door shower caddy

Shower Niche

Requiring slightly more work, but a great idea all the same, shower niches are recessed areas in your bathroom wall which can be used to store items. Adding a niche to your bathroom would probably be part of a much bigger bathroom refurbishment and not a simple weekend job. By using decorative tiles, you can really make a niche stand out in your bathroom, or by using the same tiles you can add a more subtle effect. Here’s a mosaic tile style niche:

shower niche
So this weekend, if you’re looking for something to do – clear out that shower clutter!

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Fancy using your iPad in the shower?

As our lives get more and more busy, our need to multitask gets greater. Now, here at Gainsborough, when we have a shower, we like to concentrate on enjoying the shower (surprise, surprise), but there are some people who would prefer to surf the web, or maybe check their email while they shampoo and condition.

There are already studies proving that we get anxious when separated from our phones, so there are probably many of us out there who would prefer to keep hold of the phone or tablet in the shower. Now, with water and technology not really getting along, these workaholics have been previously unable to multitask with their iPhone or iPad in the shower, but in the not-so-distant future, they may indeed get their wish.

Le Terme

A design concept called “Le Terme” has been created by Fei Chung Billy Ho and was a finalist in the Reece Bathroom Innovation Award in Australia. Le Terme is made of stainless steel with interactive glass panels that can be synced to any smart phone or tablet, meaning you can use the phone, watch videos or surf the web at no risk to your phone or tablet. The shower also allows you to listen to music – a huge plus for anyone who likes listening to songs and singing while in the shower (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) The base of Le Terme is made from cypress wood, which kills bacteria, fungus and viral infections, helping to maintain a hygienic environment, with no need for deep-cleaning.

Le Terme

 We’re quite impressed by the technology, but what do you think? Would you like a shower like this in your home?

Images courtesy of http://www.bathroominnovation.com.au/

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Summertime Showering Ideas!

With summer here, at least for the moment, a lot of us are making the most of getting out and about while the sunshine lasts. Whether you choose to spend the day at the beach, give the garden an overhaul, or perhaps head out on the bike, after being inspired by Team GB, you have to agree that there’s nothing like a nice shower afterwards to refresh and revitalise.

children on beach

Whereas showers have previously mostly been used at the beginning and the end of each day, increasingly, showers are being used throughout the day. So it’s becoming more and more important to make sure our showers are easy to use, convenient and energy-efficient – and all for an affordable price tag!

If your criteria are similar to this then your perfect shower could be an electric shower. Gone are the prehistoric white boxes on the wall – today’s electric showers have undergone something of a revolution, and are suited to a wide range of showering scenarios. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new electric shower this summer, we’ve come up with some Top Tips to help you out:

1.) Who will be using the shower? Is it just you, the kids, guests, or simply everyone?

Electric showers work differently to conventional mixer showers in that they place no demand on stored hot water. They simply heat water to your desired temperature as it is required. This makes them perfect for busy households where lots of people may be wanting to take a shower one after another, or in homes where an additional shower would cause too much of a strain on the existing plumbing system. Because they don’t use your stored, hot water, electric showers can be an energy-efficient, cost-effective option too.

2.) Keep it flexible!

If the new shower will be your household’s main shower, make sure that it offers as much flexibility as possible to ensure the entire family. Look for a height-adjustable, multi-mode shower head that can be easily changed to suit each user’s preference. This will keep the whole family happy.

3.) Look for safety features

Your number one priority when choosing a new shower should be safety, especially if children or vulnerable adults will be using it. Electric showers today are much more sophisticated and safety-oriented features come as standard on many models. For example, our new GSX Plus and GSX Deluxe electric showers both include a range of safety features making them superb choices for safer showering. Our phased shutdown, for example, flushes residual hot water from the shower’s heating element after it has been switched off, which makes it safe for the next user. This also reduces limescale build up. The intelligent automatic heat setting on the 2 showers ensures that users are protected from excessively high temperatures. Other safety features include a low pressure indicator, visually reassuring LED ‘power on’ lights, and handsets that emit an audible click to indicate that the spray pattern has been changed.

4.) Check the type of installation

When it comes to the type of installation, this can make a big difference to your needs. Are you buying a completely new shower, or are you replace an existing, older shower. Anyone replacing a shower, it can be fairly simple to find an electric shower that has been specially designed to be as easy as possible to retrofit. A brand new electric shower will need to be fitted by a Part P registered electrician. It’s always best to seek advice before buying a new electric shower.

5.) Make sure it’s easy to use

Look out for showers with simple, push buttons which illuminate when pressed – these are a great visual aid. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than a shower that’s tricky to use when you’ve got slippery hands. Similarly, top-of-the-range showers with LCD displays showing the water temperature, duration and setting selected  are much more affordable than they used to be.

6.) For the best deals – look to the web

There has never been a wider choice of places to buy new showers from, but for the best prices, it’s usually a safe bet to head to the web first. You can benefit from fantastic deals, as well as free delivery in many cases. Buying direct from a manufacturer will give you the peace of mind of a guarantee.

We hope you’ve found our tips useful – now get out in the sunshine while it lasts!

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Tip of the Day: Don’t Shower With Your Medal!

This summer our eyes are all glued to our TVs as we watch our favourite sporting heroes compete for the chance to become Olympic heroes.

And of course, once that elusive medal has been won – do you really blame the athletes for not wanting to take them off, even in the shower?

One such athlete, 23 year old Brazilian Felipe Kitadai, who won bronze in the -60kg Judo category, was so excited about his victory that he didn’t want to take his medal off at all. In fact, he took a shower with the medal on and dropped it (we’re thinking – slippery hands?) and he later realised that it was broken when he was about to get into bed, you’ve guessed it, with the medal in tow. He saw there was some damage at the top when the ribbon loops through a hoop.

Officials have now agreed to replace the medal after a few hasty phone calls and apologies. Our advice to other winning athletes? Maybe take your prize off before you step into the shower…

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