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Interesting Facts About Showers [Infographic]

Today is World Water Way, and to raise awareness of water usage, we have posted a fascinating infographic about showering.

In the UK, around 68% of household water is used in the bathroom – mostly in toilet flushing and showers and baths.

We also found the Men vs Women statistics particularly interesting.

For example, 70% of men shower daily compared to 57% of women, however, 64% of women think about to-do lists in the shower compared to 48% of men. So does this mean that women are too busy to shower everyday? And when they do, they are still thinking about other tasks to do? This may be why they tend to shower for 2 minutes longer than men.

Have a read through and leave a comment to let us know what you think…

[Via: What are your showering habits?]


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Do you ever work in the bathroom?

Apparently 5% of UK home workers do!

A survey of 1,000 office workers conducted by online and remote meetings software company TeamViewer has uncovered some of the ‘working from home’ habits of UK workers.

Interestingly, most of the respondents (68%) would like to work from home, and a massive 78% would prefer more flexible working arrangements, and said this would boost job satisfaction in the absence of pay increases. Half of those surveyed would like to travel less for work.

Of those that do work from home, either occasionally or frequently, there were some strange locations revealed – with 14% choosing to work in the garden, 13% in bed, 7% while cooking, and 5% admitted to having done work whilst in the bathroom, but presumably not when showering?! Although, perhaps this 5% do count showering as working, as it’s usually in the shower when moments of inspiration tend to strike!

Photo by Tim Marman

Another interesting revelation was that only one-third said they always showered before starting work from home, yet 36% make sure to take tea breaks at the same time each day when working from home. It shows that while the locations may be slightly unusual, home workers like to keep routine whether working in the office or from home.

How about you? Do you ever work in the shower or bathroom?

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Crazy Bathroom Accessories

We see a lot of strange bathroom related products on our travels through the world wide web. Seeing as it’s a lovely, sunny, Friday, we’d like to share some of the more wacky ones with you today….

moss mat

This moss bathroom mat is apparently designed to ‘connect you to nature’ – with the combination of the running water of the shower and the feel of soft moss underfoot. As you step out of the shower, the soft mat is supposed to be the ideal massage of the acupuncture points situated on the sole of the foot. The moss actually grows over time, the humidity from the bathroom providing the perfect conditions for it, and will stay green for several months.  The mat costs around €80.00 and is available from HoO design.

Here is another weird, and, if we’re honest, slightly disgusting product, a Nose Gel dispenser:

Nose Gel Dispenser

It’s meant as a joke addition to the bathroom to make shower-time fun for children and adults with a, slightly childish, sense of humour!

This one has quite a useful purpose:

Shower notepad

So when those moments of inspiration come to you in the shower, you’ll have somewhere to write them!

Finally, this last product is rather cool:

iPod toilet roll

For anyone who can’t live without their iPod or iPhone, you’re now able to take to the bathroom with you. You can now sing along to your favourite songs in the shower – you can even create a special playlist!

The last 3 product images are courtesy of http://www.oddee.com

Happy Friday!

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What Do You Think About In The Shower?

Seeing as it’s Friday again, here are some funny shower-related comics and tweets we’ve stumbled across over the past couple of weeks…

Is this you?

Shower Routine
We definitely admit to the singing part, although, anyone who takes 46 minute showers seriously needs to reassess their water usage! Credit to Undeclared Comics for this one.

Another comic posted on Twitter recently by @hesgeunine in response to hashtag trend #WhyDontYou was:

#WhyDontYou admit that this is how you take your shower 😉

shower comic

Slightly less complex than the first comic, but again suggesting that the majority of showering time is not spent washing, but pondering the mysteries of the universe….

…And finally

Best Shower-Related Tweet

“Showers are amazing. They make you feel nice & clean, make you sound like a professional singer, & help you make all of life’s decisions”

Thank you @MrEpicMind for that one. We completely agree!

What do you think about when you’re in the shower? Do you have any shower-ponderings of your own to share? Add a comment to this post, we’d love to hear them!


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