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Iranian Man Avoids Showers for 60 Years!

A man in Iran has gone 60 years without having a shower. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he also smokes animal faeces(?) and dines on rotten animal carcasses, especially porcupines. Amazingly, he is single, but he’s looking for love. Get in line ladies….


The eighty-year-old is called Amou Haji (which is a term of affection in Farsi used by women and children) and he lives in a hole in Dejgah village, a southern province in Iran. He has avoided showers for 60 years claiming that being clean will bring him sickness. He has escaped when people have tried to shower him in the past.  Haji has beaten the record of 66-year-old Indian man Kailash Singh, who has reportedly gone 38 years without having a shower.

To trim his hair, Haji burns it over fire, and he checks his appearance occasionally by looking in the side mirrors of passing cars. He says his eccentric lifestyle is down to emotional setbacks that happened in his youth. But he has achieved fame at least, as the world’s dirtiest man!



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Fun Friday Shower Facts

For a fun Friday post, here are a few silly facts from the world of showers to get you through the rest of the afternoon….

The World’s Most Expensive Shower
You’ll be surprised how much it costs to keep clean these days! British women spend an average of £653.64 on beauty products each year (that’s more than £43,000 in a lifetime!) yet that’s nothing in comparison to the most expensive shower ever made. Silver Tag Showers  reportedly have a shower on sale for around $100,000. For this, you’ll get an array of touch screen panels which control 18 showerheads, water temperature and flow. There are different  settings for relax, relief, tonic and shape.  For that sort of money, we’d expect the shower to wash, dry and get us dressed afterwards!

The World’s Longest Shower
Unbelievably, the person who broke this record, spent an amazing 340 hours and 40 minutes in the shower. To make things even more amazing, the champion who broke this record was called Kevin “Catfish” McCarthy.

Most People Showering at Once
A new world record for the most people to shower simultaneously at a single venue was only made last year on Bournemouth beach where 152 people shared a shower. The participants braved chilly UK conditions to cram under a 6 metre shower in bikinis and swimming trunks to narrowly beat the previous record of 142 which was set in 2009 in Chicago, Illinois.

Happy Friday everyone!

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